50 outdoor activities to do with kids in the garden

We’re all needing to stay much closer to home at present thanks to the coronavirus. Social distancing and self-isolation doesn’t have to mean being constantly cooped up inside the house though. We like to get outdoors as much as possible even if we end up just being restricted to the garden. If you’re looking for ideas to keep the children amused out in the garden, here are some activities to try:


Top: Sophie and Jessica having a tea party in a homemade tepee in the garden; Sophie and Jessica with their nature masks. Bottom: Sophie stirring a fairy potion; Jessica and Sophie doing some welly boot footprint painting. "50 outdoor activities to do with kids in the garden"


1) Get the children to help with some weeding.

2) Plant vegetables or herbs.

3) Make mud pies.

4) Do some mud painting.

5) Do some footprint painting – wearing welly boots if it’s cold, or barefoot if it’s warm enough.


Jessica and Sophie doing some footprint painting wearing welly boots


6) Paint some pictures and leave them out in the rain to see what happens.

7) Make frost patterns on the windows.

8) Make an obstacle course and see how quickly the children can complete it.

9) Design and make a stick maze.

10) See how many natural items you can find to fit in a matchbox.


Sophie holding a matchbox full of tiny nature treasures


11) Make a mini volcano and watch it erupt.

12) Make oobleck.

13) Make a bottle rocket.

14) Dig for worms and build a wormery.

15) Make nature fairy wands.


Two fairy wands made from sticks and decorated with glittery pipe-cleaners, roses, hawksbeard, sweetpea and leaves


16) Make a rain gauge.

17) Set up some small toys to make a garden safari hunt (you could also try encasing small toys in ice for an ice scavenger hunt).

18) Do a colour nature hunt.

19) Make ice suncatchers.

20) Make ice lanterns.


Sophie with her frozen ice lantern


21) Set up an easel and do some painting or drawing outside. You could also try using different nature objects as brushes.

22) Make a fairy potion.

23) Make a fairy garden.

24) Blow some bubbles.

25) Make a plant pot person.


The finished plant pot person complete with oregano hair


26) Make a nature collage.

27) Raid the dressing up box for some imaginative outdoor play or to make a dressing-up race.

28) Get a bowl of water, collect some items from the house and garden and guess which ones will float and which will sink.

29) Make a leaf crown.

30) Make a nature journal.


Sophie's nature journal with a bouquet of roses


31) Collect some nettles and make nettle crisps.

32) Make nature masks.

33) Do some leaf printing.

34) Watch the clouds and see what pictures you can see in the sky.

35) Make some bird feeders.


A bird feeder made from a toilet roll tube covered in peanut butter and seeds


36) Do some bird watching and see how many different birds you can spot.

37) Make a tepee.

38) Go on a bug hunt and see how many different insects you can spot.

39) Make a bug hotel.

40) Make a daisy chain or flower crown.


Sophie wearing the flower crown


41) Make leaf pictures.

42) Make nature bracelets.

43) Make chalk pictures.

44) Do some rock painting.

45) Make a bubble snake.


Sophie blowing some bubble snakes


46) Make some balloon rockets and have a race.

47) Do some ice painting.

48) Do some bark or leaf rubbing.

49) Make your own bird’s nest.

50) Make bark boats and float them in a bowl of water.


A bark boat floating in a washing up bowl of water


Most of the activities above can be done throughout the year or adapted for different seasons. In the summer, you can also add lots of water play ideas – getting the paddling pool out, having a water fight, playing with water balloons etc.


What’s your favourite activity for enjoying outdoor fun in the garden?


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14 thoughts on “50 outdoor activities to do with kids in the garden

  1. I love all of these ideas. It’s vital to get as much fresh air as possible in these crazy times.
    Sending lots of love and strength to you and your beautiful family. xxxxx #countrykids

    1. Thank you Ella. It’s certainly helped us this past week being able to get outside in the garden so much. Lots of love to you all too, stay safe x

    1. Thank you – we’ve been doing a few of them over the past week with the nice weather 🙂

  2. That’s a great list of activities for younger children. We’ve done everything on there I think except making nettle crisps which are now on my list! We love kale chips so these sound fab. Keep safe in the coming weeks #countrykids

    1. I liked the nettle crisps although Sophie wasn’t so keen! Definitely worth giving them a go 🙂

  3. Brilliant ideas! I love the welly painting. Not seen that one before. We like to make obstacle courses and have races around the garden!

  4. Some fab ideas here. We are spending a lot more time in the garden which is nice, currently in the process of making a bug hotel! Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time x

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