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I’m a work-at-home mummy of two beautiful little girls and a baby boy. Jessica, born in 2011, was my little heart warrior. She was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Basically, this means she had half a working heart. My younger daughter Sophie, born in 2013, is heart healthy. Our journey as a heart family has been quite an eventful one. Jessica had her first surgery in the womb and several more heart operations during her six years of life, the final one in December 2017. Sadly she lost her battle against CHD on 14th April 2018 and never got to meet her baby brother Thomas who arrived in July 2018.


A collage of photos - me with hubby, Jessica and Sophie at Trentham Gardens; me with Jessica and Sophie at Baddesley Clinton; Jessica as a superhero; Jessica and Sophie cuddling; me


Some of my posts focus on raising awareness of congenital heart defects and sharing our experiences as a heart family. I also share stories of everyday moments, days out, crafts, reflections on my pregnancy with “Peanut” (as Thomas was known) and a few reviews here and there. I love to draw and share some of my doodles on my posts. Since Jessica died, I have also found it cathartic to blog about my grief journey as I learn to live without my beautiful big girl.


Sophie, me, hubby and Jessica sitting on a bench with me holding a scan photo


Outside of my life as a mummy, I love singing, musical theatre, tap dancing, researching family history, reading (especially historical novels) and being involved in my local church. My faith is a huge part of who I am. It has helped sustain me through many of the difficult moments of our journey since Jessica’s diagnosis and has taught me that miracles can, and do, happen. It has been shaken at times since losing Jessica, but still continues to help give me strength to get through each day.


Sophie with Thomas with Jessica's cushion in the middle


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  1. Just found you through the me and mine linky… We did the same style picture this month… haha. Great Minds!

  2. Lovely you visited my blog and I’ve enjoyed a read of yours! So just wanted to wish you all the best for your mumhood and your beautiful girls. x

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