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Here are some of my posts that have featured on other blogs and websites:


Child loss posts

Facing my first Mother’s Day as a bereaved mum – Tiny Tickers


Heart posts

Mother’s Day: Treasuring the moments – Action Medical Research

This Is What ‘Normal’ Looks Like for Our Child With a Rare Heart Defect – The Mighty

To myself and my husband on the day we became heart parents – The Mighty

Parenting from a special perspective: Little Hearts, Big Love – Diary of an Imperfect Mum

After hearing my baby had half a working heart, I picked up a pen and poured out my heart to my diary – Little Hearts Matter

Why caring for a child with a congenital heart condition doesn’t make me superhuman  – The Mighty

This is what it means to be a heart parent – read on the Meet the Parents podcast

The Christmas we spent in the cardiac ward with our daughter – The Mighty

The fear that lurks in the back of my mind as a special needs mom – The Mighty

To the people who support us on our journey as a heart family – The Mighty

This is what it means to be a heart parent – The Mighty (also published on the Action Medical Research blog)

Reflections of a Heart Dad – Little Hearts Matter

Little Hearts Matter – Supporting Us On Our Journey – Little Hearts Matter


Other posts

A tale of two home births – Watching You Grow

The Big Interview – Geraldine Clark Hellery

Remembering Childhood: Little Hearts, Big Love – Toby Goes Bananas

There were four in the bed – You Have To Laugh

Parenting Your Way: Co-Sleeping – Me Becoming Mum

#ParentingScoop: Little Hearts, Big Love – Double the Monkey Business

#SummerofLove: These are the little ways you say I love you – Verily Victoria Vocalises

What is it really like… to eat your own placenta? – Motherhood: The Real Deal

#TravelTimeHop series edition #7 with Little Hearts, Big Love – Tin Box Traveller

Mummascribbles Meets… Little Hearts, Big Love – Mummascribbles

#coolmumclub: Meet the Members… Little Hearts, Big Love – Mum Muddling Through

Mum Got Organised: Top Tips to Stay Organised – The Free Range Family

What’s Right For You – Little Hearts, Big Love – Run, Jump, Scrap

Parental Sleep Positions – For Every Mom

Real Mums – Little Hearts, Big Love – What Katy Said

Paddington Bear trail – Mini Travellers

Books About Town – Mini Travellers

A Note From The Blue – The Reading Residence



Interview about Jessica’s story on the Motherhood Exposed podcast

The lucky tots who fought heart disease and won – The Daily Mirror

Action Medical Research – Candis magazine

Meet the Midwives – Gurgle magazine