#30DaysWild – A rainbow nature hunt

Having a trail to follow or things to look out for always makes a walk more interesting. Little legs never seem to tire quite as quickly when there are things to do and see. A rainbow nature hunt is a fun way of encouraging children to notice all the different colours that nature has to offer.


A rainbow nature hunt sheet with some leaves and rhododendron petals stuck to some of the colours


Setting up the rainbow nature hunt was very simple. I coloured some squares on a piece of white cardboard in rainbow colours. I then popped some glue dots in my bag so we could stick the items we found to each colour.


Jessica and Sophie looking at their rainbow nature hunt sheets

The Temple Gardens in Langley Park is one of our favourite places for a walk. I was hopeful that we would manage to find all our colours there – especially there were still some rhododendrons in bloom.  The walks around the garden are also a nice length for Jessica to manage without needing her buggy.


Jessica picking up some rhododendron blooms from the ground


The rhododendrons were long past their best. However, there were still some fallen blooms in a few of the colours we were looking for. The girls spotted some purple ones first, followed by pink. They were so busy focusing on all the different colours that it was a while before they noticed all the green and brown around them too!


Jessica and Sophie taking a rest on a bench


The girls took a short break from their hunt when we got to our favourite tree. Jessica always loves to try and climb it and the low branches are perfect for this.


Jessica climbing her favourite tree


The girls managed to find nine of the colours on their sheet without too much difficulty. Finding something blue was a struggle though. They were almost about to give up and go with “the sky” for blue when we spotted some forget-me-nots.


Jessica and Sophie with their completed rainbow nature hunt sheets


Jessica and Sophie both loved their rainbow nature hunt. Having something to look out for certainly helped Jessica to walk further than normal. We ended up walking nearly two miles in our wanderings around the garden. She was tired out by it though so I wasn’t surprised when she fell asleep in the car on the way home!



This year we’re taking part in #30DaysWild – a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

38 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – A rainbow nature hunt

  1. We did this one last autumn and like your girls he children here loved it. It is amazing how many colours there are in nature and it certainly makes exploring fun. I was going to suggest Forget me not for the missing blue. We have lots of it here on the farm, they are such small yet pretty blue flowers. Such a lovely way to study nature for little ones.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. It is a lovely way of looking at nature and we will definitely do it again. I was surprised that I struggled to find forget me nots – we usually see plenty of them on a walk!

    1. It’s so much fun. We’re really enjoying getting out more and trying some new things because of it 🙂

  2. oh I absolutely love this idea, and I love how it is free. a free day out = a winner in my book. I love nature scavenger hunts, I can’t wait until my LO is old enough for us to do these. I really liked this idea, I’m going to tweet it 🙂 #CountryKids

    1. Thanks Naomi – free activities are always good! Thanks for sharing it on Twitter too 🙂

  3. I am loving all the 30 Days Wild posts across SM. This is such a brilliant idea and you have obviously shown that it gets kids outside, interested in their surroundings and walking much further than they do normally!

  4. What a great idea I love this! So simple and so effective. We go geocaching which keeps my kids walking but this idea is ace! #CountryKids

  5. I have to say I absolutely love this! Both yours and Fiona’s Country Kids have inspired me this week – what a great idea. I’ve seen lots about the 30 days wild and must look into it a bit more! #CountryKids

  6. We so something very similar with an egg carton i painted all the colors on. I love this idea though because at the end you have a little piece of art! I’m going to try this paper and glue dot method next time. #CountryKids

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