#30DaysWild – Planting and weeding

I have to confess that gardening really isn’t my forte. I go through spells of being a little more enthusiastic about working in the garden and then leave the weeds to run riot. Other than the girls’ namesake rose bushes, I’ve done very little planting. We tried unsuccessfully to grow sunflowers last year but I’m hoping we’ll have better luck with this year’s seeds.


Jessica and Sophie holding up the packets of seeds for planting lettuce and radishes - "#30DaysWild - Planting and weeding"


My girls are a little more enthusiastic – at least when it comes to digging! They’ll happily sit and dig and as long as I keep them away from any plants I want to keep, they’re good at helping with the weeding. It’s quite pleasant to work away together in the garden in the sunshine with my two enthusiastic little helpers.


Sophie digging in the garden


They’re also quite keen to grow things in the garden. Last year we grew some lettuce in a container which the girls enjoyed doing. They weren’t too keen on eating the lettuce, but they had fun growing it! Today, we’ve been planting some more lettuce and some radishes. I suspect the reaction to eating them will be much the same as last year although I’ll enjoy eating anything we manage to grow!


Jessica watering the seeds in the container while Sophie watches


One of the things they also love about digging in the garden is spotting the different minibeasts that live there.  Jessica spent ages watching some ants and then decided to build them a little cave with the fallen rose petals. We had to keep quiet once it was finished though as the ants were apparently all fast asleep inside! Building a bug hotel is on my list of things to do at some point this month. Given how much Jessica enjoyed building her “ant cave”, I think she’ll love doing that.


Jessica and Sophie looking at insects in the garden


This year we’re taking part in #30DaysWild – a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.

2 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Planting and weeding

  1. Ahh bless them, my two love getting out and digging in the garden too. It’s difficult at the moment as we don’t have space to grow anything away from the dogs but I’m hoping that will have changed by next summer.

    1. We mostly stick to containers at the moment for planting but the overgrown areas are still a free for all when it comes to digging 🙂

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