Planting Sophie’s rose

After Jessica was born, we planted a ‘Pretty Jessica’ rose in our garden for her and it bloomed for the first time last year. We recently ordered a new rose – ‘Sophy’s Rose‘ so that Sophie had her own rose bush in the garden too and whilst Sophie was having her nap, Jessica and I headed out to the garden to plant it.

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big LovePlanting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big LoveJessica enjoyed helping me dig a hole for the new rose and was quite fascinated to discover several ‘wriggly worms’ in the soil and picking these up on her trowel and watching them kept her amused for quite a while. Once the rose was planted though, she was quite keen to help me cover it back up with soil and compost and of course watering it afterwards was great fun. We also added a couple of windmills that we’d picked up at the garden centre earlier that day (along with buying Jessica a pair of gardening gloves which she loved although they were a little big for her!).

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie woke from her nap just as we finished planting her rose and so we got her trike and Jessica’s new balance bike out and had a few laps around the garden before the girls turned their attention to the other garden toys.

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie spent a lot of time trying to climb up the slide which was a little frustrating for Jessica who wanted to go down it! It has really been the first time we’ve had any significant time out in the garden since the autumn and the girls enjoyed being able to run about and play.

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

Planting Sophie's rose - Little Hearts, Big Love

30 thoughts on “Planting Sophie’s rose

  1. When little T was born, I wanted to plant a small apple tree. But sadly, our garden is too small for that! We should’ve planted roses like you did! I also love that Jessica helps you out in the garden, so cute – both of them 🙂 x

  2. I love the Rose idea, do they have different colours? I could have a whole Rose Garden by now if I had thought to do that! Funny how a simple garden activity can lead to a whole afternoon of outdoor play, it looks like your garden really came into its own and with all those lovely toys i can see why the girls like it there. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids

    1. Thank you – yes their roses are different colours too – Jessica’s is baby pink and Sophie’s is a dark pinky-red. We had a lovely afternoon in the garden, lovely to link up our outdoor fun with Country Kids 🙂

  3. Ahh wow so lovely that both girls have their own rose bush and that they are their name sake too is just fantastic!!
    So lovely that to have some nice dry weather so they can get out in the garden and play too, looks like lots of fun! Xx

  4. We love planting flowers in our garden. This spring we wont be doing it though, as our huge garden is meant to be transformed into one a third of the size, and all the flower beds and lawn being raised… not sure when, as it was supposed to be happening now… I do love the idea of the roses though. #countrykids

    1. Thank you, good luck with all the changes to your garden – sounds like some very big changes.

  5. That is such a wonderful thing to do, we are doing our garden up this year so I might plant a rose for my daughter and son. Looks like they had so much fun in the garden, great just to be able to get out there at this time of year. #countrykids

    1. Thank you – there are so many out there with different names and I love the fact that the rose bushes have the girls’ names 🙂

  6. What a beautiful idea to have a rose each-I do love roses. And I miss being able to pop out to the garden-ours is such a mud bath at this time of year. It looks like both girls had lots of fun 🙂

  7. What a lovely idea =) I think I might be stealing it!
    Jessica and Sophie look like they are having a wonderful time (though they always do!) and how nice for them to see the roses that share their names when the get older, and can help you tend to them.

    1. Thank you – there are so many different names available and I love having roses for each of the girls. We had a wonderful time out in the garden 🙂

  8. Hello,

    What a lovely idea having a rose for each of your girls. We’ve just done over our whole garden and this spring and summer will be busy with planting, I to hope to plant a rose for my Rose. I also can not wait for L to join in more with the gardening, she is already a keen waterer of plants.

  9. That’s such a lovely idea (and handy that both girls have roses with their names!). I was given a Blessing rose as a christening present and it bloomed in our garden every year until my parents moved when I was in my 20’s and then they gave Kitty a rose that shares her real name. Unfortunately no roses for Elma or Pip so we’ve not been able to keep up the tradition – clearly we should have spent less time with the baby book and more with the David Austin catalogue!

    1. Love the idea of the Blessing rose and Kitty having a rose – shame that Elma and Pip don’t have namesake ones but perhaps there are other plants with names that might work in some way?

    1. Thank you – it was lovely to get out there again for a bit – I miss being able to be out there like we were in the summer

  10. This is SUCH a lovely idea Louise! I really want to do this for my two as well – stealing your idea for the Spring! x

    1. Thank you – definitely worth doing, there are all sorts of plants which would potentially have suitable names – worth having a search on the RHS website to see what you can find x

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