Making a plant pot person – a gardening-inspired craft for preschoolers

Gardening has been our inspiration for this month’s #BostikBlogger craft. This plant pot person is the perfect craft for preschoolers, with a little adult assistance required here and there. You can either fill the top pot with compost and seeds to grow your own, or do what we did and re-pot another plant.


A pot plant person made from three cardboard pots with a plant in the top one - "Making a plant pot person - A gardening-inspired craft for preschoolers"


You will need:

  • 3 cardboard pots
  • 2 pipe cleaners
  • Beads
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Assorted stick-on shapes or foam shapes to decorate
  • Glue (we used Bostik White Glu)
  • Scissors or a sharp pencil
  • A marker pen
  • Some compost and plant seeds, or a small plant that can be re-potted.



1) Glue two of the pots together at the open ends.


Two pots glued together at the open ends



2) Glue the third pot on top of the other two pots with the open end at the top. Allow to dry.


The three pots glued together



3) Make two holes (one at each side) in the middle pot and two holes next to each other at the front of the bottom pot.


4) Pass a pipe cleaner through the two holes in the middle pot to make the arms and a second pipe cleaner through the holes in the bottom pot for the legs.


The three pots with two pipe cleaners threaded through to form arms and legs



5) Thread beads on to the pipe cleaners to decorate the arms and legs. Leave enough space at the end to bend the pipe cleaner back over the final bead and twist to hold the beads in place.


Sophie threading beads on to the pipe cleaner arms



6) Add some googly eyes to the top pot and use a marker pen to draw facial features.


The top pot with googly eyes and marker pen facial features added



7) Decorate the other two pots using stick-on shapes or foam shapes.


Sophie with her decorated plant pot person



8) Place a small plant in the top pot and add compost as needed. Alternatively, you can fill the top pot with compost and add some seeds.


The finished plant pot person complete with oregano hair



Sophie loved making the plant pot person. She particularly enjoyed threading the beads on the arms and legs. We filled the top pot with oregano to create the plant pot person’s hair. Using different plants would create very different hairstyles for the plant pot person. You could use a spider plant or chives to create spiky hair, or use cress seeds if you want to watch the hair grow over a short period of time.


We were sent a box of Bostik craft materials as part of being a Tots100 #BostikBlogger




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