Friday Focus 13/07/18 – Going back to A&E

After an emotional evening at the Girls’ Brigade awards evening last Friday, we ended up taking an unexpected trip to hospital with Sophie after she tripped and fell while spinning around, breaking her wrist. Thankfully it was only a minor break and she just needs to have a splint on for the next three weeks. She was very brave and stayed still for her X-ray and has coped well generally with her splint. Watching her do things one-handed reminds me so much of watching the way Jessica always managed when she had a cannula in one hand.


"Hospital" - this week's word of the week


Sophie coped well with being in A&E, but it was very hard for hubby and me to be back there again almost exactly twelve weeks on from our last trip there on the night Jessica died. The walk to X-ray took us past the back corridor of A&E, where we could clearly see the resus room. We also passed the room where we had to wait while the team took samples from Jessica. The nurse who saw us in A&E was the same nurse who took us to the mortuary on the weekend Jessica died as well. Thankfully we were only there for a couple of hours, but it was tough trying to cope with the painful memories that came back while making sure Sophie was ok.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Seeing Jessica’s memorial trophy go to a very worthy recipient at the Girls’ Brigade awards evening.


The Jessica Charlotte George cup with a Girls' Brigade teddy bear


  • Brief moments of being with Jessica again thanks to her visiting me in my dreams.


  • Sophie’s delight at Daddy creating a rainbow with the spray on the hose.


Hubby and Sophie in the garden looking at the rainbow formed by the spray from the hose


  • Teeny tiny baby clothes and nappies drying on the line.


  • Getting the caterpillars for our butterfly kit and watching them grow each day.


  • Watching Sophie having fun painting a plant pot at a local child bereavement support group.


Sophie wearing a pair of white ear muffs while painting a plant pot


  • The lovely words hubby wrote in my card for our wedding anniversary, reminding me once more that we are on this journey together and we are a team.



  • Seeing how excited Sophie was about taking the bus to Tiny Talk while my car is in the garage having the air con fixed.


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20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 13/07/18 – Going back to A&E

  1. Louise, I’m brand new to your blog so I’m reading through your posts and hearing your story for the first time. Sophie sounds like a brilliant girl and quite like me when I was young; amazed by rainbows and a little bit (read as very) clumsy when dancing! That smile says she’s handling the break just fine 🙂

    1. Thank you Emma – she is certainly a little ray of sunshine and I’m so proud of her for coping so well.

  2. Poor Sophie, it sounds like she was such a brave girl though, I hope her wrist heals quickly. I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to back at a place full of sad memories for you all. My husband Chris has had a lot of dreams about his Mum since she passed and he says they bring him a lot of comfort. Thinking of you as always x

    1. Thank you Angela, she has been very brave. I’m glad that Chris’s dreams about his mum help to bring him comfort too x

  3. Oh no, poor Sophie. Glad it’s relatively minor, so hope she’s all better soon. As soon as I saw your word I thought that a visit there was likely to be tough and bring back so many memories. That must have been so painful. To have Jessica visiting you in your dreams must be comforting and a lovely feeling whilst you’re dreaming. Sophie looks so happy with her plant pot there, beautiful girl x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. It was so hard to be back but I was so proud of Sophie too for being so brave and coping so well.

  4. Oh poor Sophie, I hope she heals quickly and isn’t in too much pain. I can imagine how hard it must have been for you going back to the hospital with all those sad memories x

  5. Aww! Poor Sophie! I hope her wrist is better soon. It must have been so hard to go back to the hospital where you have all those awful memories…Sending hugs.
    Lovely photos x

    1. Thank you Kim, she now has a plaster cast for the next three weeks but is coping well x

  6. Sophie looks like she’s coping really well with her wrist, but how awful for you to have to go back to A&E so soon. It must have been awful seeing the same people and places.
    Absolutely love that photo of the rainbow from the hose. You can just see how delighted Sophie is.

    1. It was such a tough trip for us but thankfully Sophie was fine and is coping well with her wrist x

  7. Poor Sophie bless her what a nightmare, and for you having to visit the hospital too, I cant imagine how awful that was for you. Ah not long till baby arrives, and it must have felt lovely Jessica visiting you in your dreams giving you that chance to feel close to her xx

    1. It was so tough – thankfully Sophie is doing well though. I do love it when Jessica visits my dreams, it is always so comforting when she does x

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