Footprint painting in the garden: the autumn edition

Footprint painting in the garden is one of the girls’ favourite things to do on a hot sunny day. Standing barefoot in trays of coloured paint, walking across lining paper and then washing off in the paddling pool afterwards is so much fun. Whilst the paddling pool has been well and truly packed away, I saw no reason why we couldn’t adapt this activity and have just as much fun creating footprint painting outdoors in the colder weather too.


Jessica making welly boot prints - "Footprint painting in the garden - the autumn edition"

The basic set-up was exactly the same – lining paper on the ground and a tray of paint. I decided to go for autumn colours – red, yellow and orange. This time, instead of creating footprints, we were creating welly boot prints instead and seeing the patterns created from this. Both the girls enjoyed stepping into the paint and walking up and down on the lining paper to make prints.


Lining paper and an old roasting tin full of paint

Jessica and Sophie making welly boot prints

Once they’d created a few welly boot prints, they decided to try using other objects to make shapes on the paper. Jessica enjoyed using leaves – mostly as paintbrushes rather than trying to make definite prints whereas Sophie seemed to prefer rock prints instead. Naturally there were also a few handprints and some finger painting as well as some painting using sticks.


Jessica making leaf paint prints

Sophie paint printing with rocks

Jessica stirring the paint with a stick

Jessica drawing on the lining paper with a stick

We used washable paint which came off the girls’ clothes and boots easily and the girls had a lot of fun doing some outdoor painting. It’s certainly an outdoor activity that we’ll be trying again if we get a dry enough day!

The finished piece of artwork with paint prints

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


9 thoughts on “Footprint painting in the garden: the autumn edition

  1. Such a good activity to do all year round. N would probably like that with welies better than bare feet! Although i can imagine the mess he would get in.

  2. Why have I never thought of this before! Louise this is a wonderful idea. You might just see me borrow this one in the spring or over the Christmas holidays when we are busy with little ones again. I promise to credit you the idea and link back here if I do. Your girls made a great job of their welly prints and I love the colour mixing. If we get any snow it would be fun to try on that too! Thank you so much for sharing an inspiring idea on Country Kids.

  3. What a great idea and something we’ve never done before. I know the children will just love this, the idea of getting their boots painted would be exciting for them and then seeing their footprint patterns, and how they way, they’d love
    Your photos look so happy; it’s something that I think we’ll have to try at some point!
    Have a lovely week, Louise

  4. This looks like such fun! Its gotten a bit cold here but if we get another sunny day my kids would love this, plus the rain boots wash off so easily.

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