Making fairytale magic in the garden

A mild winter’s afternoon, sunshine and dressing up – the perfect combination for making an ordinary moment out playing in the garden into a magical fairytale moment. It is amazing just how much magic can be found, if only you step into the wonderful world of childhood imagination.

Making fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

Little Red Riding Hood was making her way to Grandma’s house. Walking through the woods was far too slow for her liking – but why walk when there’s a car available? Much better for keeping out of the way of hungry wolves too…

Making fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

Things got a little confusing on arrival at Grandma’s cottage though. Mummy Wolf seemed to be a bit confused as to which story she was in and kept demanding “Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in!” which were mostly met by giggles from Little Red Riding Hood who wasn’t scared in the slightest. Further threats from Mummy Wolf to “huff and puff and blow your house in” resulted in big sister Snow White shouting from the other side of the garden “you can’t blow it in – it’s a brick house!” Funny, it looks more like plastic to me, but it makes no difference – Mummy Wolf just doesn’t have enough puff in her anyway!

Making fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

The garden is full of wonderful objects for making magic – there are stones (which Little Red Riding Hood loves to bash together as she loves the sound it makes) and big leaves to pick up. There are sticks which easily become magic wands, or walking sticks, or fishing rods or spoons to stir potions made of leaves and twigs.

Making fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big LoveMaking fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

The sun is shining, the girls are giggling and magic is being made. What more could you wish for on a winter afternoon?

Crocuses in the garden - Making fairytale magic in the garden - Little Hearts, Big Love

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28 thoughts on “Making fairytale magic in the garden

  1. Dressing up inspires imagination. I love how the fairy tales become tangled up in one new fairy tale all of their own. I loved reading their adventure from start to finish, and all without leaving the safety of the garden! Beautiful crocuses too. thank you for sharing the magic on over on #CountryKids

  2. Lovely! One of the best things about young children is the joy they take in everything and how much fun and excitement they can find in everyday things. It’s lovely to be able to share that with them and share the world through their eyes.
    I’m glad to say that, at nearly 10, my daughter still has a little bit of that left.

    1. Thanks Sarah – it is lovely seeing how the world becomes magical through their eyes. Glad that your daughter still has some of that magic left 🙂

  3. It does sound like a wonderful magical garden! No wonder the kids love it 🙂 I do love those flowers, especially in the winter. Never fails to make me smile. We need more colour, don’t we? #countrykids.

  4. What a wonderful afternoon in your own backyard – just goes to show that little kids don’t need to be hauled all over town to various events in order to keep them entertained. An afternoon spent using the imagination does a world of good sometimes. I’m sure it did for you too, getting to watch your girls play together like this 🙂

    1. Thank you Robyn – it was lovely to see them really using their imagination and having fun outside 🙂

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