#30DaysWild – Looking back on a month of wild adventures

We’ve enjoyed taking part in #30DaysWild for the first time this year. Having plenty of outdoor time is something I’ve always tried to encourage. #30DaysWild has helped give more of a focus to our outdoor activities. It’s not always been easy. Trying to make time for a wild-focused activity has been challenging at times – Jessica was unwell for part of the month and some days were very busy with other activities. I think we’ve all benefited from the effort to do so though. We’ve learned new things, tried new things and had a lot of fun along the way.


A collage of pictures showing our adventures during #30DaysWild - making nature masks, learning about ladybirds, picking bindweed flowers, collecting nettles, going barefoot on the grass, making nature butterfly suncatchers, spotting snails, climbing trees, looking at a stream, wild flowers and dancing in the rain - #30DaysWild - Looking back on a month of wild adventures


Taking a closer look at nature

We left a corner of the garden to grow wild this month. I have to admit that I am looking forward to clearing away the nettles but it has been a good place for insect spotting. The girls have enjoyed it and I’ve learned a lot while teaching them about the different insects we’ve seen too. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about while taking a closer look:



A drawing of a damselfly


Wild craft activities

I love doing crafts with my girls. Our craft activities throughout June were inspired by nature. Some of them were very simple, some required a little more time and effort but all of them were fun. These are the craft activities we enjoyed:



Sophie's leaf monster with dandelion arms


Jessica and Sophie standing in the garden with their nature masks


Two fairy wands made from sticks and decorated with glittery pipe-cleaners, roses, hawksbeard, sweetpea and leaves


Wild food and drink

Trying new things has been a big focus for me during #30DaysWild. I’ve been keen to grow things in the garden that we can eat. We started off the month with some planting and weeding. We’re now ready to harvest the radishes and lettuce that we planted then. It’s been good for the children to learn more about where some of the food that we eat comes from too. These are some of the ways in which we’ve enjoyed wild food and drink:



A pot of dandelion flower tea on a tray with a dandelion flower


Outdoor adventures

#30DaysWild helped encourage us to get out and explore in all weathers. Some days were busy ones and were all about making the most of the outdoor moments where we could get them. This month’s outdoor adventures included:



Jessica and Sophie enjoying a tea party inside the tepee


Sophie standing next to the canal


For me, the biggest thing about #30DaysWild has been the way it has really encouraged me to look much more closely at the world around me. I’m more aware of the various insects in the garden and just how fascinating many of them are. I’ve become more conscious of my own impact on this world in which we live and have tried a little harder to re-use and recycle. I’m certainly more appreciative of the many things that nature has to offer.


#30DaysWild might be over for this year but #365DaysWild continues throughout the year. At the start of June, I made a list of all the different wild activities we could try. There are still a lot of things on that list that we have yet to do. Some of them will be added to our summer activity list. I’m looking forward to continuing our outdoor adventures and sharing them.


Our #30DaysWild wall chart showing all the activities we enjoyed


#30DaysWild is a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.

7 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Looking back on a month of wild adventures

  1. Ahh! How wonderful! It looks like have had such a fun time. You have given me some great ideas of things to do with my girls over the summer holidays x

    1. Thank you Sarah. We loved taking part in #30DaysWild and making the nature wands was one of our favourite activities too. Thank you for helping inspire us along the way!

  2. It looks like the kids, had really gone wild during those 30 Days. These kind of activities surely helps us to observe the nature and its wildlife in detail.

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