Friday Focus 16/06/17 – Just a virus…

Jessica’s been under the weather for the last week or so thanks to a virus. She’s had a cough and cold which has really knocked her for six. She’s been fine in the mornings but is exhausted by mid-afternoon. Her school have been really good at keeping an eye on her. We’ve ended up arranging for her to have half-days most of this week so she can come home and sleep in the afternoon.


Virus - this week's word of the week


She seemed to be getting better as the week went on. Yesterday afternoon though, she was very lethargic and her temperature went up to 39.5°C. Our GP surgery was closed for a training afternoon. Thankfully we have open access to our local children’s ward and were able to go straight into hospital to get her checked out. Needless to say, she perked up while we were there! The consultant checked her over. He thought it was a virus but as it’s lingered for a while now, he was concerned that Jessica might end up getting a bacterial infection on top of it. We have been sent home again with antibiotics which I will give Jessica if she doesn’t improve in the next day or so.


Jessica sitting in the hospital, playing the Read with Fonics game on the iPad



Being able to get Jessica checked out so quickly is always a relief. I can often go from being slightly concerned, but happy to manage things at home, to quite worried and wanting to see a doctor right now in a very short space of time. There is very little in between when it comes to Jessica being unwell! Something as simple as a cough and cold has been known to land her in hospital for a few days. Fortunately, this time she didn’t need to be admitted though. Fingers crossed that she is better again soon.



Things I have loved this week:




Jessica and Sophie in matching blue dresses looking at the funfair at Bekonscot Model Village


  • Spotting ladybird larvae and pupae in the garden and teaching the girls about the ladybird life cycle.


A diagram showing the ladybird life cycle - from egg to larva to pupa to adult

  • Going with Jessica on her first school trip.


  • Seeing Jessica singing with her class in their last Reception class assembly.



Sophie wearing the flower crown


  • Going back to BilinguaSing French classes again with Sophie having not been for a few weeks.



The Reading Residence

20 thoughts on “Friday Focus 16/06/17 – Just a virus…

  1. It sounds like you’ve had quite a worrying week, I hope Jessica is feeling much better now. What an adorable photo of Sophie in her Daisy crown, we love making these in our garden too. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

    1. Thanks Angela. She’s getting there slowly – it is always quite worrying when she is unwell x

  2. Louise,

    What a relief that Jessica perked up at the hospital, and is back home. (Having read your tweet yesterday, I was wondering whether she’d been admitted to the children’s ward.)

    1. Thank you. I did wonder if we’d end up being admitted. It was such a relief that we didn’t need to be.

  3. So good that you could take Jessica in for a check up. Hope she shakes off the virus soon. I used to love the model village at Bekonscot. Especially at Jessica’s and Sophie’s ages. And beautiful floral crown, Sophie.#wotw

    1. Having open-access is so reassuring at times like this. Jessica’s a little better this weekend, but still not quite herself yet. The model village at Bekonscot is lovely, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. Poor girl being ill is never nice and worse when you are already poorly. I do hope she gets better soon. It’s certainly great that she has open access to the nearby children’s ward. #WotW

  5. Aww! Poor Jessica…I hope she is feeling better soon. It’s wonderful that you were seen so quickly.
    Thank you for the mention. So kind!
    The girls in the matching dresses are just adorable. My two have never wanted to wear the same clothes and they are a bit old for it now. hehehe

    1. Thank you Kim. I do love the matching dresses, making the most of it while they’re still happy to wear them! 🙂

  6. You’ve still packed so much in, despite Jessica’s virus. I do hope she improves over the next day or so and doesn’t develop an infection on top. It must be very reassuring, and necessary, to have access at the hospital, fingers crossed that’s the worst of it behind her now x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. We took it easy over the weekend and thankfully she’s much better now x

    1. Thank you Jane. Having open access makes things so much easier. She is much better now, thank you.

  7. Ah poor Jessica, Joe has been poorly with a cold too, his tonsils were so swollen bless him but the doctor does not really want to remove them at his age. I hope she is on the mend now and the model village looks so great. Have a lovely week x

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