10 things we loved about Bekonscot Model Village

We’ve enjoyed a couple of days out recently at Bekonscot – a beautiful model village in Beaconsfield where 1930s Britain is recreated in miniature.  We first visited Bekonscot last year and the girls loved it so much that I included it on our summer activities list. It is such a wonderful place for a day out – there is so much to look at.  We had a wonderful time there.  Here are 10 things that we loved about Bekonscot.

An view across Bekonscot model village with the text "10 things we loved about Bekonscot Model Village"


1. Riding on the Bekonscot Light Railway

We started and finished both our days out with a ride on the light railway, which costs £1 per person and takes you on a short trip behind the model village, around a pretty garden and a pond.  Both the girls loved the train ride and enjoyed spotting the butterflies on the fence and waving to the people walking past.

Three photos - top: me and the girls riding past the pond on the light railway; bottom left - me and the girls sitting on the train; bottom right - Jessica and Sophie sitting behind the engine


2. The miniature railway

There are miniature train tracks running all across the model village, several stations to look at and trains running past the path at regular intervals.  “Look, Mummy, look! A train! A train!” was a frequent cry throughout our visits.  Hubby was also quite fascinated with the signal box which controls the network of trains.

Top photo - Jessica and Sophie watching the trains go past on the miniature railway; bottom photo - Hubby peering into the signal box


3. Attention to detail

The attention to detail at Bekonscot is amazing – from the tiny wares in the shop windows, to the backyard scene with a lady hanging out her washing.  I especially loved seeing Noddy in his tiny car outside Enid Blyon’s house.  Jessica was quite excited to spot a Girls Brigade company outside one of the model churches: “Which one is me, Mummy?”

Four photos: top left - a miniature cottage on fire with fire engines outside; top right - Enid Blyton's cottage with Noddy in his car outside; bottom left - a house being painted by "Juan Kote" and bottom right - a miniature ward inside the hospital


4. Shop names

I loved reading all the little shop names in the various tiny villages that make up the Bekonscot landscape.  The puns might be awful but they made me smile all the same.  The “Mark Owney” wireless shop was my favourite.

Shop names at Bekonscot - top photo - Mark Owney wireless shop and Shoose the Chemist; bottom left - Lee Key plumbers' merchant; bottom right - Dan D Lyon florist


5. Moving models

One area of the village was particularly memorable for Jessica from her first visit here last year – the man falling off the ladder in Splashyng village green and the lady cleaning her windows.  She was very excited when she got to this part of the village this year – “Mummy! I was here with Nanny!”  The girls also loved standing and waving back at the man waving at the window of the coal mine. The colourful circus and the fairground with all the different rides were also big hits with the girls.



6. The children’s play area

No visit to Bekonscot would be complete without a visit to the children’s play area!   Jessica loved the pirate ship play area with a spiral slide whereas Sophie preferred the smaller toddler play area.  The play area was just the right size to be able to watch both girls easily and was a safe space for them – there were no areas where I was particularly worried about them falling.

Top left - the pirate ship play area; top right - Jessica at the top of the pirate ship play area; bottom left - Jessica climbing up the climbing wall; bottom right - Sophie peeking through a porthole in the play area


7. The little coin-operated rides

The girls loved the Noddy car ride and the Postman Pat ride which cost £1 for 1 ride or £2 for 3 rides.  I have to admit their enthusiasm for these little rides was considerably greater than Mummy and Daddy’s supply of change for them though!

Top left - Jessica and Sophie on the Noddy car ride with Daddy standing next to them; top right - Sophie giving Noddy in the car a cuddle; bottom - Sophie sitting in the Postman Pat van with an ice-cream


8. The café and ice-cream stall

The café has a good selection of hot and cold food at reasonable prices and the ice-cream stall outside the café sells lots of different flavours of ice-cream – I can definitely recommend the salted caramel and pistachio flavours!  The food is freshly made and good quality and there is a good selection of items for the children.


9. The pretty flowers and shrubs surrounding the models

I loved all the pretty colours of the flowers surrounding the models in the different parts of the village. The shrubs and plants are clearly looked after beautifully.

Jessica and Sophie standing looking up at the miniature railway with colourful pretty flowers in front of them


10. There’s always something new to see

The fabulous level of detail on the models means that there’s always something you might not have noticed previously.  As well as this, there are new models still being added to the village – and a new area currently being created.  I loved the miniature Hoover building that is part of the new area and will look forward to seeing this area properly when it is fully open.

Top left - miniature workers gathering hay; top right - Jessica and Sophie looking at the animals in the miniature zoo; bottom left - Jessica and Sophie standing by the miniature fairground; bottom right - the miniature Hoover Building


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43 thoughts on “10 things we loved about Bekonscot Model Village

    1. Thanks Karen – it was a great day out and the girls thoroughly enjoyed it (as did I!) 🙂

  1. I can see why this is a favourite place to visit. I remember your posts from here before and it always looks like a lovely day out. Jessica’s comment on the Girls Brigade made me smile, just goes to how how life like the models are! The little train always reminds me of here, I hope one day the girls get to ride our one too.

    Thank you for sharing some great reasons to visit on #CountryKids

  2. This is brilliant, so charming, we would absolutely love to go there one day. The detail is amazing. Impressed with the Hoover building. Sounds like you all had a super day and thank you for telling us all about it as I’m now adding it to my Pinterest board of places to go.

  3. You’ve reminded me we must go and explore Bekonscot again soon. It is lovely and it’s so contained and with so many new things added it really is a great day out. Looks like you had a really lovely time

    1. Thanks Tracey – I do love the fact that its so contained and it’s such a great place for the kids to explore. Hope you manage to visit it again soon! 🙂

    1. Thanks Caroline – it is a lovely place to visit and having posted about it before, I thought it was a good idea to approach it from a different angle this time! 🙂

  4. I always meant to take N back to Bekonscot because we loved it as kids too. I think model villages are generally brilliant for children. Our nearest (in bourton on the water) is a bit run down and shabby but there’s still plenty to see for a relatively cheap day out. Love the photos. #countrykids

    1. Thanks Emma – it was hubby’s first visit there since he was a kid and he enjoyed it as much as the girls did! I’m sure N would love it 🙂

    1. They are such fascinating places to visit – I’ve visited a couple and loved them 🙂

  5. What a fantastic place to visit. I love the attention to detail and what the shops are called – brilliant #countrykids

    1. It is a great day out – I love places like this where there is so much to look at that there will always be something you didn’t notice before 🙂

    1. Thanks Kate – I love those backpacks too – they’re the perfect size for little ones! 🙂

  6. I love Bekonscot – your post has reminded me that I must visit again. It’s such a perfect place for little ones – we can easily spend a day exploring the incredible detail, chasing the trains and enjoying ice cream! I hadn’t noticed the comedy shop names before – will keep an eye out next time! #CountryKids

    1. Thank you – hope you have fun looking out for the shop names next time you visit! 🙂

    1. Thanks Elizabeth – it was a lovely day out and we enjoyed spotting all the little details 🙂

  7. Oh wow looks like a lovely day out 🙂 I never heard of this place before but love the idea of it, my girls would love looking around the miniature villages and the pirate ship play area looks good too, I am not surprised you all love it here! x #countrykids

    1. Thanks Sarah – model villages are such lovely places to visit, the girls really enjoyed their visit to this one 🙂

  8. Oh wow! Olivia would love it there. I will keep this in mind. Looks like you all had a wonderful time especially the mini explorers.

  9. This looks like such a fun day out! I remember going to the model village in Babbacombe, Devon when I was 10 and the excitement has stayed with me. We are about an hour away from Beaconsfield so will have to give it a go!

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