The Friday Focus 05/08/16 – Going on adventures

This week has been all about getting out and about and having adventures.  We’ve had a day out at Bekonscot model village, hunted for fairies and elves in the woods, climbed trees and had a fairytale walk to find the Big Bad Wolf (who thankfully didn’t make an appearance!)  I love how a spark of imagination can result in a day out that’s full of magic – and imagination has certainly been in abundant supply this week! I’m not sure who has enjoyed it more – me or the girls!

Adventures - this week's word of the week

We’ve also been busy planning our big adventure for the summer – travelling from Land’s End to John O’Groats by public transport in aid of Little Hearts Matter.  The tickets have been booked, the journey has been mapped out and we have a fundraising page set up – now we just have to do it!  The biggest challenge I think will be trying to keep the children amused on the long train journeys but I’m looking forward to it.


Things I have loved this week:

  • Being on BBC 5 Live talking about Jessica’s heart condition as part of their 5 Life documentary (I’m on from 1:23:00 if you want to listen on iPlayer).
  • Being a big kid in the children’s playground at Bekonscot and joining in the #bigkidsforGOSH campaign.
  • A family film night watching Finding Nemo.
  • My new phone case from CaseApp (there’s a giveaway on the blog at the moment if you’d like to win one too!)
  • Making fairy wands with sticks picked up from a walk in the woods.

Jessica with her sparkly fairy wand made from a stick, sparkly pipe cleaners and paper flowers

  • Having lunch at the church café with my girls.
  • Baking fairy cakes and decorating them with sprinkles.

Sophie spooning cake mixture into cup cake cases

  • Seeing a little boy of Jessica’s age being totally captivated by her at the playground – helping her up the mound over the tunnel, holding her hand across the log stepping stones and then wanting her to come and say hello to his mummy – so adorable!

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18 thoughts on “The Friday Focus 05/08/16 – Going on adventures

  1. Oh what lovely memories! I love the magic of inagination and the wands are beautiful! Well done for booking your trip and for speaking on the radio! That takes a lot of courage. So much inspiration! Xx #triballove

    1. Thank you Laura – thankfully the radio interview wasn’t live – I’d have been very nervous if it had been! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful sounding week, full of adventures. I do love a model village and we enjoy family film nights, too. Your girls look so content in their activities, so sweet to see. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Thanks Dean – the fairy wands were so much fun to make and are still going strong a few days on! 🙂

  3. That fairy wand is amazing what an idea! You have lots going on lovely and well done for your work for Jess and raising more awareness! The trip will be fun no doubt 🙂 must check out your competition as those cases look brill xx #wotw

    1. Thanks Sarah – looking forward to our trip – it will certainly be quite an adventure! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jane – it’s going to be a bit of an epic trip but hopefully will be fun too! 🙂

  4. Wow Louise, that’s a mega adventure you have planned! Well done you! It will be amazing and for such a good cause too. I absolutely love the wands you made, and also Sophie’s ears she is wearing! I’ve love dreading about your adventures. #WotW

  5. It’s so sweet when other kids befriend yours. Looks like it’s been a busy week – those fairy wands are brilliant.

  6. Oh my goodness how adorable is that wand I will definitely have to take my two to the forest soon to collect some things to make one, I think I want one too. What a week you’ve all had full of adventure hope next week is as exciting. #WotW

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