#30DaysWild – Picking cherries in Grandma’s garden

Grandma and Grandad have a little orchard in their garden. In the spring, it is beautiful thanks to all the blossom and then there’s the fun of being able to pick fruit in the summer and autumn. There are apple trees and plum trees, a cherry tree and blackberry bushes. The plums will be ready in a couple of weeks and we’ll look forward to apples and blackberries at the end of the summer. The cherries are now ready to be picked though. The birds often eat them though before we get a chance to pick them. However, this year we’ve managed to get there first!


Jessica and Sophie picking cherries from the cherry tree in Grandma's garden - "#30DaysWild - Picking cherries in Grandma's garden"


I love fruit picking with the girls. It’s good for them to learn where different food comes from. We have raspberries growing in our garden and we also try to grow some simple salad items too. The girls know that they are not allowed to pick anything and eat it unless a grown-up tells them it is okay to do so. They’ve not been too keen on trying any of the lettuce or cress we’ve grown. The fruit always goes down well though.


Jessica reaching up to pick cherries from the cherry tree


Jessica and Sophie had fun picking the cherries. Grandma and I held down the branches so they could reach them. Most of the cherries are still a little under-ripe but will ripen in the bowl over the next couple of days. If we leave them on the tree any longer, the birds will have them. Some of the cherries were ripe enough to eat straightaway though. Fruit always tastes so much nicer when it’s been freshly picked, doesn’t it?


Jessica sampling one of the freshly-picked cherries


We managed to fill the girls’ trays with as many cherries as we could reach. There are still quite a few higher up on the tree. No doubt the birds will enjoy them though!


Jessica and Sophie with their trays of cherries




This year we’re taking part in #30DaysWild – a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.

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26 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Picking cherries in Grandma’s garden

  1. I love fruit picking with the girls, we still haven’t been yet this year, definitely need to get out and pick some strawberries and cherries soon. It looks like the girls picked a brilliant amount, I bet they didn’t last long though!

    1. They’re still ripening in the kitchen but are ready to eat now. I think they will go very quickly! 🙂

  2. This is one of the simple activities I remember doing at about the same age as Jessica and Sophie in my parents garden. All the best ones were always just out of reach but they were delicious when I managed to get one. I love your photos, the pleasure on the girls faces is clear to see. Sounds like your parents have a wonderful garden for the girls to enjoy.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. It’s so lovely for the girls to be able to have those experiences of fruit picking throughout the summer and autumn 🙂

  3. My kids love to pick plums in their nan’s garden. It looks like Jessica and Sophie managed to get a great haul of cherries. I’m looking into this 30 days wild thing now.

    1. It is lovely for them to do fruit picking. #30DaysWild is such a great idea – I first came across it last year but didn’t take part as we had a planned hospital stay mid-month. It’s been lovely to do it this year 🙂

  4. Oh I am so glad you posted this as my son wants to pick the cherries off a tree and I didn’t realise that if we left it longer the birds would have them. Sounds like a great garden. #countrykids

  5. Thats great that you got there before the birds did. I tried Lil with Cherries for the first time last week and she would not have anything to do with them! #CountryKids

    1. Thanks Cassie. The girls quite like cherries although I’m not sure whether they liked the first time they tried them!

  6. Picking any fruit from a garden is such a lovely thing to do, especially when it’s your own garden! 🙂 Wish we had fruit-trees although you can find black berries growing wildly at the bottom of our garden 🙂 #countrykids

    1. It is so lovely to have fruit trees that the girls can pick fruit from. Blackberries are always fun to pick too 🙂

  7. I love cherry picking! We haven’t found a good place to go around here but this post makes me want to find one Today! haha. So glad your girls had a lovely time and I’m sure they were super tasty. #CountryKids

  8. I think it’s so important we teach our children here food comes from and that it’s not grown on the shelves of supermarkets. #CountryKids

  9. What a fantastic lots of cherries! The birds always get ours I am never quick enough, I have considered putting a net over the tree since ours is only small to stop it!! #CountryKids

    1. Thank you – the birds usually get there first here too – we were lucky that we managed to get some this year! 🙂

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever had cherries straight off the tree. We have apple trees. I miss my nan’s garden – she used to have loads of different fruit trees #countrykids

    1. I think it might have been a first for me. It’s lovely to have lots of different fruit trees – your nan’s garden sounds like it was lovely. I’m not surprised you miss it.

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