#30DaysWild – Taking a walk on the wild side

Our outdoor adventures have been mostly restricted to the garden lately. With Jessica being unwell recently and this week’s heatwave affecting her energy levels, I’ve felt the need to stay close to home. On the days that she has been able to go to school, there’s been a higher chance of me having to pick her up early. Today was a cooler day though. As Jessica was also feeling better, I felt more confident to head out on a little adventure with Sophie.


Sophie exploring some fields - "#30DaysWild - Taking a walk on the wild side"


We’ve been exploring some of our local footpaths recently and discovering where they lead. It’s lovely to explore somewhere new and get to know our local area better. Today’s footpath lead us out to some open fields full of long grass and plenty of space to run around. The map suggested there were woods further ahead but Sophie wasn’t as keen on the walk as she usually is.


Sophie collecting sticks while out on a walk


We stopped for a snack. I hoped that Sophie would be willing to continue the walk once she’d eaten but she wasn’t keen. I think the fact that she was wearing sandals was partly to blame. She wasn’t happy about them letting the dirt in under her feet. She usually wears trainers or wellies on our walks so this is something to bear in mind for next time!


Sophie stopping for a snack while out on a walk


Although Sophie wasn’t quite as keen on the walk as she normally is, she did enjoy collecting sticks and looking out for caterpillars and other bugs. We stopped to look at a little stream. It was a little too shallow for pooh sticks  although Sophie did have a go when we were on the bridge.


Sophie stopping to look at a stream


She enjoyed climbing a little mound and being the “king of the castle” for a few minutes.


Sophie standing on a mound and being the "king of the castle"


Sophie also found a couple of feathers to take home and stick in her nature book. I usually try and bring it with us on a walk but had forgotten this time. I love the fact that she’s always keen to add to it when out and about. It’s a lovely way of looking back and remembering the things we’ve discovered on our explorations. Hopefully next time we explore this path, we’ll make it as far as the woods!


Sophie sticking feathers in her nature book


This year we’re taking part in #30DaysWild – a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.

2 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Taking a walk on the wild side

  1. Oh, a nature book is a gorgeous idea! My girls would love that, we might have to start one. Lia is never happy in sandals either, sometimes they rub her feet a bit but she never thinks to mention it, just complains about having to walk!

    1. The nature books are great – we’ve had them since February half-term and the girls love them 🙂

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