Friday Focus 23/06/17 – Feeling hot, hot, hot…

This week has certainly been a scorcher. I’ve enjoyed the sunshine but it’s definitely been a little on the hot side for me. The temperature in our area reached 34.5°C on Wednesday. Thank goodness for paddling pools, ice lollies and fans!


The word "hot" with a sunshine instead of an "o"


Jessica has surprised me by how well she has coped with the heat. She’s feeling much better this week and was back at school on Monday. I fully expected a phone call at lunchtime asking me to pick her up as I thought the heat would wear her out. While I did get that phone call on Tuesday, Jessica did manage to cope with a full day in the heat on Monday and Wednesday which was encouraging. It’s good to see her getting back to her usual happy self again.


Now that the temperature has dropped a little though, it’s much more pleasant. We’ve been restricted to the garden recently due to Jessica being unwell and the anticipation of her being sent home from school in the heatwave. Now that the weather is cooler, the chances of Jessica having to come home early are less, which has meant Sophie and I have been able to explore a little more. Now if we could just have sunshine with the temperature staying in the mid twenties, that would be perfect!


Things I have loved this week:



  • Going to see In the Night Garden Live and meeting Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy afterwards. I loved the way Jessica and Sophie just ran up to them and gave them the biggest hug. It’s become a bit of an annual tradition for us to see the show – this is our fifth year – but I wonder if we’ll do it again next year as neither of the girls really watch In the Night Garden on TV anymore.


Jessica and Sophie meeting Igglepiggle at In the Night Garden Live


  • Watching the girls having fun in the paddling pool.


Jessica and Sophie splashing about in the paddling pool


  • Making a butterfly feeder with Sophie – although we’re still waiting for the butterflies to visit it!


  • After school trips to the park.


Jessica and Sophie on the seesaw at the park

The Reading Residence

18 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/06/17 – Feeling hot, hot, hot…

  1. I’m glad Jessica is feeling better x It has definitely been paddling pool weather this week. I’m grateful for the cooler weather today.

    1. Thanks Anne – I’m enjoying the cooler weather and the garden is certainly grateful for the rain this week.

  2. Great to hear that Jessica’s back to her normal self now. It has been hot, a nice mid twenties and sun would be good, though it’s raining here today, boo! Lots of lovely outdoor adventures for you, the girls do look happy x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. What a lot of fun you’ve had this week. We love making a summer teepee each year. Certainly helps with keeping them in the shade. Love your leaf doodles. I bet you had fun making them. Wonderful that Jessica is coping with the heat and getting better. #wotw

  4. It has been much cooler up here in the North East which I’m glad of. Cool enough to go out without a coat but not hot enough to sweat. Phew! I’m glad Jessica is feeling better. Well done for coping in this heat!
    It looks like a lovely week for you x #WotW

    1. It is nice to have some cooler weather this week and the garden has certainly been grateful for the rain! 🙂

  5. Glad Jessica is feeling better. I’ve been flagging a little myself & having to remind myself to keep up with the fluids.
    Looks like you have had a lovely, busy week.

    1. Thanks Donna. The heat does make it so much more tiring – I’m so glad this week has been a cooler one x

  6. It’s been so hot for the little ones hasn’t it, I’m glad Jessica has managed to cope so well. I’ve heard lots of nice things about the live night garden show, the girls look very happy sitting with Iggle Piggle. Congratulations on your subscriber figures. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

    1. Thanks Angela. The In the Night Garden show is lovely – I’m a little sad that the girls are outgrowing it!

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