#30DaysWild – Making the most of the outdoor moments

Our outdoor time for the final day of #30DaysWild hasn’t been quite so wild. It’s been all about snatching little windows of time to enjoy some outdoor fun in what has been a very hectic day. We spent much of the day at the hospital for Jessica’s latest cardiac check-up and then had a quick whizz around the school summer fayre when we got back before having to dash off for the tech rehearsal of the girl’s ballet show.


Jessica at the summer fayre - "#30DaysWild - Making the most of the outdoor moments"


We often have a long wait at the cardiac clinic before we see Jessica’s consultant. Thankfully the waiting area has lots of toys to help keep the girls occupied. At this time of year, we can also make the most of the outdoor play area too. There are outdoor games, slides and cars to help keep the girls amused. Sophie quite liked the “fairy feet” she found.


Sophie walking around in some "fairy feet" in the outdoor play area

Jessica riding a Little Tikes car in the outdoor play area


Our visit to the summer fayre had to be a very quick one as we only had about 40 minutes to spare until we had to leave for the ballet show. The girls were a little disappointed that they had to miss out on face painting but we managed to visit most of the other stalls and take part in lots of different activities.


Jessica sliding down the inflatable helter-skelter


Jessica loved the inflatable helter-skelter slide. Sophie had been keen to go on it too. She got halfway up though before deciding it was too high and had to be rescued by a teacher.


Jessica and Sophie with their cuddly toys from the "hook a teddy" stall


The girls enjoyed the “hook a teddy” stall and loved the soft toys they received. They also got lucky in the tombola. Unfortunately I hadn’t thought to bring an extra bag with me and was soon having fun trying to juggle everything that I needed to carry. Thankfully one of the other mums had a spare bag. Next year, I’ll be better prepared!


Sophie finding a prize in the lucky dip


The closest we really got to wildlife was spotting some ducks in a pond. These ducks were plastic ones though, floating in a paddling pool ready for the hook-a-duck!


Jessica hooking a duck at the hook-a-duck


The barbecue was our final stop before we had to leave. I needed to make sure the girls were fed before we got to the theatre.


It was a shame that we had to rush around the summer fayre as much as we did. I’m glad we did manage to get all the way round before we had to go. Hopefully next year we won’t have to rush quite so much!



This year we’re taking part in #30DaysWild – a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.


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10 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Making the most of the outdoor moments

    1. Thanks Karen. We’re still waiting to hear more about the plan following Jessica’s check-up. They did have a lovely time at the summer fayre though x

  1. What a day trying to fit everything in. I think you did really well in just 40 minutes to get round the school fayre. I must say it looks better than anything our primary school ever managed. The bouncy side would have been a huge hit for our school, and all those lovely stalls. I bet they were glad to have had such a dry day too. I hope the ballet went well, it is such a lovely thing for girls to do. Clio has her grade 5 Tap exam tomorrow so that’s my Sunday taken up with taking her and getting her all dressed up, she still isn’t ready for her ballet grade 5 yet, I think that will be in the autumn now. Fingers crossed for a new plan for Jessica from the hospital too that you are all in agreement on.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. Thank you Fiona. It certainly was a very hectic day! I hope that all went well with Clio’s tap exam x

  2. You have done a great job of promoting 30dayswild and this really shows how you can get some outdoors in your life in short bursts of time. Summer Fayre sounds better than ours was. #countrykids

    1. Thank you – we really enjoyed doing it and it’s given me so many ideas for outdoor activities 🙂

  3. What a wonderful fayre. We had a school one but it fell on the same evening as an auction we like to visit. #CountryKids

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