Friday Focus 30/06/17 – A hectic week

This week has been quite a hectic one with lots of meetings and activities in the calendar to keep track of. I’ve felt like I’ve been juggling too many balls in the air and trying not to drop them! Naturally it also coincides with one of hubby’s busy weeks. He’s been away for part of the week and working late when he’s not been away so I’ve effectively been flying solo.


Hectic - this week's word of the week


It’s partly the usual busyness that comes at this time of year – with school meetings and sports days. This week is also the start of show week for the girls’ ballet show. We had the dress rehearsal last night, the tech rehearsal is tonight and then there are two performances tomorrow. Jessica also has her cardiac check-up today and her school fayre this afternoon. It’s a lot to fit in to one week!


Jessica in a white tutu and pink flowers in her hair ready for the ballet show rehearsal


I’ve certainly felt more anxious this week in the run-up to Jessica’s check-up. I’m hoping that everything still looks good and that we can hold off on her next surgery for a little longer. Yesterday marked six years since Jessica’s very first surgery, when she was still in the womb. I was quite emotional watching her rehearse for the ballet show and realising once again just how far we have come in those six years.



Things I have loved this week:

  • Jessica getting an Award of the Week certificate for keeping going when things get tough.



  • Watching Jessica and Sophie having fun with their cousins at a family barbecue.


Jessica, Sophie and their cousin E at a family barbecue


  • Seeing Jessica taking part in her Sports Day – with a little help from her teachers in some events, such as the sack race, which are quite tiring for her.


Jessica bouncing on a space hopper while holding on to her teacher's hand



  • Jessica writing a note for the “toofurree” (tooth fairy) because her dolly Kerry’s tooth had fallen out.


Jessica's dolly Kerry with a note for the tooth fairy which reads  "Toofurree go to pik up crurree woblyee toof ban bign a coin ban a girarf" (translation - "Tooth fairy go to pick up Kerry wobbly tooth and bring a coin and a giraffe")



Sophie standing next to the canal


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14 thoughts on “Friday Focus 30/06/17 – A hectic week

  1. I hope everything went well with Jessica’s cardiac check, I can only imagine how worrying each appointment must be. Well done to her for sports day she certainly looks like she’s having fun in the photo. How cute is that letter to the ‘toof’ fairy I love children’s imaginations. Have a lovely weekend. #WotW

  2. What a hectic week! I do hope everything is ok with Jessica’s cardio check. Sports day can be difficult for some kids, it’s lovely when they get a little help. In our school the older kids help out the younger ones. I love the tooth fairy letter, but oh dear to asking her for a coin for a dolly, I hope my kids don’t catch on to that, I’ll be broke 😀 I hope your weekend is more peaceful. x

    1. Thanks Anne. I love that the older kids help out the younger ones. The tooth fairy left a toy coin for the dolly as toys can only spend toy money. I’m not too worried about it setting a precedent that way! x

  3. Oh wow, what a busy week you’re having. I do hope all goes well with Jessica’s appointment and that they enjoy their ballet shows. Jessica’s writing is beautifully neat.

  4. Oh gosh! You have had a lot on. This time of year always seems so busy with school things.
    I hope the hospital appointment has gone well for Jessica! Aww! She looks adorable in her ballet outfit.
    That letter to the tooth fairy is so cute! #WotW

  5. Definitely a hectic one! It is this time of year, isn’t it? I feel like I’ve been at school and nursery and having to remember various different letters, events and so on this week, I’m all over the place! Sounds like you’re on top of it and how lovely to be seeing the girls in a show. I hope Jessica’s check up goes well x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you Jocelyn. Thankfully this week isn’t quite so busy – definitely needing to get my breath back after last week!

  6. I love hectic weeks but I wonder how Jessica will cope with everything. Has she found it all too much or not? Hoping everything is going smoothly. #WotW

    1. Thank you Helena. Jessica has coped really well with it all – I wasn’t sure she’d cope with two performances in one day but she surprised me with how well she did cope x

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