#30DaysWild – Creating fairy houses for imaginative play

​My girls love fairies and looking for fairy houses in the woods. We decided to create our own little fairy village in the garden. These little fairy houses are simple to make and are perfect for a little imaginative outdoor play.


Two painted fairy houses made from plastic bottles nestled in a buddleia tree stump - "#30DaysWild - Creating fairy houses for imaginative play"


You will need:

  • Plastic bottle (with lid)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Rice
  • PVA glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Paint
  • Permanent markers
  • External varnish


1) Cut the top and bottom off the plastic bottle. Discard the middle. Tape the top and the bottom together.


A bowl of PVA glue, a bowl of tissue paper strips and a plastic bottle with the middle discarded and the top and bottom taped together


2) Fill the bottle with rice (you may find this easier if you use a funnel)


A plastic bottle filled with rice


3) Cover the bottle with small pieces of tissue paper using the PVA glue and leave to dry.


Two bottles covered with pieces of tissue paper and PVA glue


4) Paint the bottle in your chosen colour and leave to dry. Apply a second coat if needed and leave to dry.


5) Add window and door details using permanent marker pens.


Two painted bottles with door and window details added


6) Cover the decorated bottle in a thin layer of external varnish and leave to dry. Repeat twice. Your fairy house is now ready to go in the garden.


Two painted fairy houses nestled in a buddleia tree stump



We have a buddleia tree stump in our garden which is the perfect place for our fairy houses. I’m hoping to add some accessories throughout the summer but for now the girls are happy to play make-believe with just the houses and some fairy and princess dolls. The roses have become a canopy to protect the houses, or a playground where the dolls can climb and swing.


Jessica and Sophie playing with their dolls near the fairy houses

Jessica holding her doll on the roses


We also made a little nature fairy from a twig, leaf and sycamore seed who can live in the fairy village and watch over it when the other dolls are safely back indoors again.


A nature fairy made from a twig, sycamore seed and leaf


This year we’re taking part in #30DaysWild – a challenge from the Wildlife Trusts to get outside each day in June, do something wild and connect with nature.


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