Jessica, me, Sophie and hubby - Me and Mine: February 2017

Me and Mine: February 2017 – Ordinary family moments

This month has been the kind of month I long for when hubby gets busy at work and is away for days on end. A month full of ordinary family moments. Evenings when hubby is home before the children fall asleep. Mornings when there is a second pair of hands to help get the girls out of the door and off to school and preschool.… Read more

My Sunday Photo 19/02/17

Being a heart family brings many challenges and struggles, but it has also brought many moments of joy too. Meeting other heart families, building friendships and seeing Jessica bond with other heart children has been one of the biggest positives of this journey. To be able to talk to another family who understands the rollercoaster ride that comes with a CHD diagnosis makes the journey a little easier.… Read more