Wishing the moments away

Yesterday, you climbed into my lap for a snuggle
And I thought of the tasks that I needed to juggle
And instead of letting myself make the most of the cuddle
Impatiently waited for it to be through


All those times in the night when you had to be fed
All the hours I spent sitting next to your bed
Thinking of the things I could be doing instead
Worrying about everything I needed to do.… Read more

Cookies cooling on a wire rack

Review – Real Baking Cookie Kit

I’ve been enjoying another baking session with my girls following on from last week’s attempt at making cake pops.  This week, we have been making cinnamon cookies and trying out the Cookie Kit from Vivid’s Real Baking range.

Real Baking Cookie Kit containing a rolling pin, dough guide, silicon baking mat, cookie cutters and a piping bag


The Cookie Kit consists of a selection of cookie cutters in different shapes, a rolling pin, a silicon baking sheet and dough guide and a piping bag.   It’s designed to be used once the cookie dough itself is made as it doesn’t include any utensils or recipes for making the cookies.… Read more

An afternoon exploring Baddesley Clinton

One of the things I miss most about summer is those beautiful warm afternoons.  Afternoons when the sky was so wonderfully blue, and it seemed as if there was all the time in the world to go and explore.  Watching my girls running off in front of me, hand in hand with each other, dressed in their sunhats and summer dresses.  Afternoons when we were just lost in our own little bubble, discovering new places and making the most of the time we had together.… Read more

Friday Fabulous Five #69

The Friday Fabulous Five is my regular feature where I share five of my favourite blog posts that I have read in the previous fortnight – posts that have made me laugh, made me cry or made me think.  Here is my latest selection of five fabulous blog posts:


  • I love Slouching Towards Thatcham’s song parodies and this rewrite of Deep Blue Something’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ showing the thought processes that parents go through when considering “Dinner at Maccy D’s” is brilliant.  https://slouchingtowardsthatcham.com/2016/09/14/dinner-at-maccy-ds-a-fast-food-parody/
  • Sometimes it’s hard to talk about the challenges of parenthood without being dismissed, or feeling like others perceive you as showing off or competing.  I love this post from Ellamental Mama which sums up some of those struggles and encourages us to talk about the highs and lows of parenting and to share them.
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Friday Focus 23/09/16 – Flying solo

I’m flying solo once again with hubby working away on an event.  This is a busy time of year for him – from now until Christmas, we’ll have lots of spells of him working away and having to make the most of the time when he is home.  This week has been made a little harder by me being full of cold and not knowing exactly when hubby is going to be home again as the event he is currently working on may well run into the next one.  It makes it trickier to answer Jessica’s constant question “how many sleeps until Daddy comes home?” I’ve had to give her the longest option – much better that Daddy comes home sooner than expected than the girls being disappointed at him being away for longer than they thought.… Read more

Parenting Pep Talk #32 – Blondie Mommy’s Stories

Parenting Pep Talk is a weekly series of guest posts all about encouraging other parents by sharing some of our happy moments, the advice that has worked for us and some positive words of encouragement.


Today’s post is from Oana who blogs at Blondie Mommy’s Stories.  Over to you, Oana!… Read more

Review – Real Baking Cake Pops kit

I love baking with my girls.  One of our favourite things to make together is cupcakes – they’re quick and easy to make and the girls have the fun of decorating them too.  Although I’ve made cupcakes with the girls several times, I’ve never tried making cake pops before.  Being sent some products from Vivid’s Real Baking range, including the Cake Pops kit provided me with the perfect excuse to give it a try.… Read more