Friday Focus 22/03/2024 – Drained

I’m feeling a bit drained at the moment. There’s the emotional rollercoaster that is a given at this time of year, combined with a bit of a bumpy week even without taking the grief storm into account. Anxious moments, extra things added to my current workload and generally feeling run-down. I’m pretty much running on fumes right now.


The word drained in white bubble writing with blue colouring at the bottom of the letters.


Last Friday was a bit of an emotional day overall. I went with Thomas on his school trip to the Look-Out Discovery Centre. It was lovely to spend the day with him but very bittersweet too as the last time I went there was with Jessica on her school trip. On the way home, I had a phone call from Sophie’s school to say Sophie had bumped her head but was okay. She seemed fine and went off to Girls’ Brigade that evening but had a headache and was feeling dizzy when I picked her up, which I was quite worried about so we went to A&E to get it checked out. By the time we saw the doctor, the dizziness had eased off and everything seemed to be okay, thankfully.


Thomas has been unwell over the last couple of days with a high temperature and has been quite subdued and snuggly. I’ve had a persistent cough over the last few days which has meant I’ve not been sleeping well so all in all, it’s been an exhausting week emotionally and physically. This weekend is likely to be quite an intense and busy one so there’s not much scope for downtime over the next couple of days. Hopefully next week will be less tiring though!



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


A sleeping Sophie; Sophie at Move-It with her dance teacher, Adam Garcia and Kai Scanlon; Thomas splashing in a puddle; Sophie painting a picture of the solar system; Thomas's Wow of the Week certificate for "completing the activities in his teaching tray"; Sophie holding her 'Most Promising Junior Performer' trophy'; Thomas playing with his number and letter pebbles in the tuff tray in the garden - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 12"


  • Day 75 – I am grateful to be home after a trip to A&E. Sophie bumped her head at school and seemed fine but was feeling dizzy and had a headache when I picked her up from Girls’ Brigade so felt it was best to get her checked out. Thankfully all seems ok, just need to keep an eye on her over the weekend.


  • Day 76 – I am grateful that Sophie was much better this morning and able to enjoy a day out at Move It with her dance teachers and friends.


  • Day 77 – I am grateful for wellies.


  • Day 78 – I am grateful for paper and paint.


  • Day 79 – I am grateful for a Wow of the Week certificate for Thomas.


  • Day 80 – I am grateful that Sophie received her trophy from her last festival – the ‘Most Promising Junior Performer’ trophy – at her dance lesson this evening. Her first ever festival trophy! So proud.


  • Day 81 – I am grateful for number and letter pebbles.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Thomas’s joy at repeatedly jumping into the learner pool when I took him swimming while Sophie had her swimming lesson.


  • Forget-me-nots appearing in the garden.


Forget-me-nots in the garden


  • Being able to get washing out and drying on the line.


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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 22/03/2024 – Drained

  1. Oh no! It sounds like a really rough week. Sending love and hugs. What a worry with Sophie bumping her head. I imagine going to the hospital was quite stressful for you. I hope she is feeling better now and Thomas too. x

  2. Poor Sophie! I hope she’s feeling better now, there is always something to worry about. Hopefully you and Thomas will feel better soon too.

  3. I hope you get some rest and get all your batteries recharged soon. Grief can be draining. Yesterday I was reflecting on my son who died in 2012. His birthday would have been yesterday and he would have been 31! It took me aback as I don’t feel old enough to have a 31-year-old! I also think this year is the first time I haven’t cried on his birthday. I guess with time the grief and loss are easier to deal with. I hope Thomas is back to full health soon.

    1. A relief Sophie was ok after her bump. Well done her for her trophy and Thomas for his wow award. I remember going to the first Move It a long time ago!

  4. No wonder you’ve been feeling drained, anyone of the above is enough to exhaust you. Hope Sophie and Thomas are feeling better now and you can get some rest both physically and mentally.

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