Friday Focus 26/04/2024 – Firsts

We’ve had a few firsts over the last week. Thomas came home from Boys’ Brigade last Friday with a certificate for coming first in the Anchors’ inspection marks competition. Sophie had a busy weekend dancing in a festival, performing two of her dances for the first time – a song and dance duet and a solo and dance solo.


The word 'firsts' in blue bubble writing


She placed first in her tap solo – the first time she’s won a gold medal for her current routine. The song and dance duet and song and dance quartet also placed first and Sophie placed second in her new song and dance solo so came away with four medals which she was very pleased with.


We had a somewhat scary first on Monday when Sophie had an allergic reaction to kiwi fruit which caused some throat swelling and resulted in a trip to A&E. When we got there, Thomas asked if we were going there to pick up Jessica and bring her home, and if the doctors had made her heart start working again. It was very sweet of him, but it certainly added to all the emotions that come with a trip to the hospital! It also didn’t help that my husband had just flown out to Prague for a work trip so I was flying solo. Thankfully he’s now back home again.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas holding his Anchors' certificate; Sophie with her duet partner; Sophie holding her four medals from the dance festival; Sophie drawing a picture of a kiwi fruit on an iPad; Thomas wearing a furry dog hat; Thomas holding his toy sheep on a rocking dolphin at the park; different coloured Lindor spilling out of a carton - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 17"


  • Day 110 – I am grateful for Thomas getting the Anchors inspection marks certificate for getting the most marks in February and March.


  • Day 111 – I am grateful for a new song and dance duet for Sophie and two gold medals at today’s festival.


  • Day 112 – I am grateful for a lovely weekend at a new dance festival.


  • Day 113 – I am grateful that Sophie is ok after a trip to A&E due to an allergic reaction to kiwi fruit.


  • Day 114 – I am grateful for imaginative play.


  • Day 115 – I am grateful for the lighter evenings.


  • Day 116 – I am grateful for chocolate.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Sophie’s dance friends coming along to support her on the second day of the festival when they weren’t dancing that day.


Sophie wearing a flowery dress singing in her song and dance solo


  • Thomas telling Sophie off for annoying him: “Stop it, Sophie! You’re making me wind up!”


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7 thoughts on “Friday Focus 26/04/2024 – Firsts

  1. You have some lovely firsts, and definitely not so lovely. Well done Sophie for all her success in the dance festival. She must be dancing on Cloud nine now. Well done Thomas for his anchor inspection. I can’t imagine how scary Sophie’s allergic reaction was for you all. Hope she is fully recovered and she never experiences it again. I had to smile at your last grateful statement. I too am often grateful for chocolate.

  2. Well done Sophie, what a star! But, I’m sorry you had the trauma of an allergic reaction, how scary. Bless Thomas, it’s so sad yet so thoughtful too thinking you could bring Jessica home x

  3. Ooh dear! Poor Sophie, glad she’s okay now and congratulations on winning her medals. “You’re making me wind up” made me smile bless him! Well done to Thomas on getting his certificate.

  4. Well done to the kids! You must be so proud of them.
    Oh no! What a worry with Sophie, I’m glad she’s OK and such a heart breaking moment from Thomas. x

  5. Proud mommy moments. Sounds like both are doing really well. I’m sure that AnE visit was scary. Thankfully it’s all over and she now knows to avoid kiwi. Have a great week ahead.

  6. Well done Sophie for her dance festival results, and Thomas for his award. Scary with the kiwi, but good she’s ok and it was clear that was the issue to know for future.

  7. Oh no poor Sophie, that must have been quite scary. How sweet of Thomas to ask that of Jessica, but it must’ve been very difficult for you to have heard at that point with hubby away as well. I’m always grateful for chocolate.

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