Friday Focus 23/02/2024 – Proud

I’ve had a few proud mummy moments over the last week. Sophie danced really well in both her dance festivals and came away with seven medals in total. We then had a phone call to say that she’d won the trophy for the most promising junior dancer. It’s the first time Sophie has won a trophy for her dancing and she was absolutely thrilled. I’m so proud of how well she danced, and also of how supportive she is with all the other dancers from her dance school too.The word 'proud' in purple writing with the 'u' drawn as a smile with eyes and nose above it.


The next day was back to school and the normal routine of after-school clubs. Sophie had her swimming lesson and surprised me at the end of the lesson by appearing with a new silver swimming cap having been moved up a level in swimming.


I’m proud of Thomas too this week. He coped well with going out for a meal to celebrate Grandma’s birthday, although he was quite confused as to why we were going out for a meal on the wrong day as her birthday wasn’t until a couple of days afterwards! He also seems to be happier at school at the moment which is good.


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas playing with a ball maze at the park; Sophie holding three medals in her hands (two gold, one bronze), Sophie looking through a telescope; a silver swimming cap on a towel next to a pair of blue goggles; daffodils in my garden; Sophie in her end pose at the end of her tap routine; a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 8"


  • Day 47 – I am grateful for a chilled out day between dance festivals.


  • Day 48 – I am grateful for a lovely friendly new festival on the dance calendar and a great first day there for Sophie and her dance friends.


  • Day 49 – I am grateful for getting to see the Moon and Jupiter at the West of London Astronomical Society’s observation evening.


  • Day 50 – I am grateful for Sophie getting moved up to silver level in her swimming class.


  • Day 51 – I am grateful for the daffodils appearing in my garden.


  • Day 52 – I am grateful for the beautiful professional photos from last weekend’s dance festival. (Photo credit: AP Photography)


  • Day 53 – I am grateful for tea and biscuits.



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8 thoughts on “Friday Focus 23/02/2024 – Proud

  1. Oh wow! Well done to Sophie with her dancing, trophy and moving up a level in swimming! What great achievements. You have every reason to be proud. I am glad Thomas coped well with the changes and confusion about Grandma’s birthday. Bless him. x

  2. Wow! Sophie is doing so well with her dancing. I bet she was on cloud nine. Hats of to the people who organize and run these festivals. I can’t imagine how much hard work it it. Well done on her swimming too. I’m glad Thomas is doing well at school too and was able to enjoy his Grandma’s birthday meal. The astronomy evening looks fun. I love events like that. You have every reason to feel proud of both of them.

  3. Well done Sophie, that’s a lot of medals. We never did festivals or competitions when we were kids dancing, it was just the exams, and the annual dance school show. Love the pro photo – she does look good up there. Love seeing all the daffodils come out. We only have our mini ones out, the main ones in the front drive are taking longer and only just showing yellow in the last day.

  4. What a fab week for Sophie with her dancing and her swimming. I’ve only had 2 daffodils out this year, but so many more hyacinths than I’ve ever seen. Hope Thomas got past the confusion with celebrating his Grandma’s birthday on the wrong date and enjoyed the meal.

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