Friday Focus 16/02/2024 – Half-term

It’s half-term this week and it’s been a busy one as Sophie is competing in two dance festivals this week. Thank goodness for Grandma being available to look after Thomas and my husband being able to work from home when we had an early start and a long day at the first dance festival this week! The second one will be over the weekend so the next couple of days will be busy too.


The word 'half-term' in orange bubble writing


We’ve managed to have some nice relaxed time together on the non-festival days and have had fun outside – even if it’s just been a brief trip to the playground on a couple of occasions. Dance festival weeks can be hectic but we’ve managed to get a nice amount of downtime this week.



What I’ve been grateful for this week:



An empty plate next to a latte in a glass mug; Sophie dancing in front of a thermal-sensor image; Thomas playing with coloured discs at the park; Sophie's long hair after her haircut; Sophie writing on a clipboard in an allotment at Iver Environment Centre; Sophie wearing a tartan pinafore and sunglasses holding a bronze medal; Sophie's three bronze medals from the first of this week's dance festivals - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 7"



  • Day 40 – I am grateful for some time out.


  • Day 41 – I am grateful for a family afternoon out in London.


  • Day 42 – I am grateful for an afternoon at Black Park.


  • Day 43 – I am grateful for haircuts.


  • Day 44 – I am grateful for some outdoor time following a Minecraft-themed trail at Iver Environment Centre.


  • Day 45 – I am grateful for a bronze medal for the first time doing a musical theatre quartet.


  • Day 46 – I am grateful for Sophie’s courage at getting up and carrying on after slipping and falling on stage during her tap solo. She would have kept going had the adjudicator not stopped the music and let her take a few moments to recover and then redo her routine, which she did with a big smile and as if nothing had happened. So proud of her for the way she carried on and for getting a third place medal for both her tap solo and musical theatre solo today. Well done Sophie!




Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun with friends at the park.


  • Thomas managing to sit through a whole parade service at church.


  • Sophie making me a Valentine’s Day card.


A hand-made Valentine's card with a drawing of me inside a heart and the words 'Happy Valentine's Day. You work so hard!"


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10 thoughts on “Friday Focus 16/02/2024 – Half-term

  1. We love half-term weeks and even though we don’t teach anymore we still look forward to it as it still feels like we take a break. Sounds like you had a busy but fun one with the family. Have a great time at the dance festival!

  2. I hope the dance festival this weekend is going well, very well done to Sophie indeed, what a little star she is. I love her Valentines card too, how sweet x

  3. Hope the weekend’s dance festival goes well. Well done her for getting through after a mistake. Sounds like it’s been a good busy week. Sweet Valentine’s card!

  4. I hope Sophie had a great time with her dance festivals! Aww! Bless her, the slip must have really thrown her. It does take courage to carry on, especially at her age! It sounds like a good week despite it being hectic. x

  5. Your week has been full. Well done Sophie for both of her medals and it also takes so much to pick yourself up and keep going. Her hair is so long now, even with a hair cut. Her Valentines card made me smile. She knows you!

  6. Well done Sophie for getting up and carrying on with her routine! I love the photo of her in the shades 😀 Well done to you too on getting a bronze medal. I hope the weekend goes well for Sophie

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