Friday Focus 08/03/2024 – Books

It’s been all about books this week – reading them, making costumes to dress up as book characters and then enjoying book-themed activities at school for World Book Day.


The word 'Books' written across a drawing of an open book


World Book Day has been spread out over two days for us. Thomas’s school had their dress-up day yesterday and Sophie’s is today (which gave me an extra day to make her costume!). Thomas went for the same approach as last year and took in his Numberblocks Annual. This year he was Numberblock Five as he is now five. I suspect that next year he will probably be Numberblock Six. He was very happy with his costume and also loved going back into school in the evening in his pyjamas for a storytime session with hot chocolate and biscuits.


Sophie has gone for Li’l Petey from the Dogman books as her friend is being Dogman. She was very happy with the costume I made for her.


Sophie wearing an orange striped hoody and leggings with an orange striped tail and holding a Dogman book.


Thomas came home with some new reading books this week. He’s now on grey books which is the last set of year 2 books so he’s doing well with his reading. He’s currently trialling being in the SEN classroom for mornings over the next couple of weeks where there’s a much higher teacher-student ratio. I think it’s working well for him as he certainly seems much happier going into school and more settled in the afternoons coming home.


Sophie was sent some lovely books this week. We’re not sure who they were from but she was very pleased with them!


We’ve also been enjoying reading together as part of our morning routine. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been starting the day with ten minutes or so of ‘snuggle time’ before breakfast. We snuggle up on the sofa, read the day’s poem from ‘I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree’ and then read a few pages of a book together. Our current book is ‘The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler’ which I remember enjoying when I was at primary school. It’s a lovely way to start the day and having that space to connect with each other helps make the morning routine less stressful too.




What I’ve been grateful for this week:


Thomas reading with Daddy; Sophie under a pink button-pattern umbrella; Thomas surrounded by bubbles in the garden; Sophie's 'star of the day' certificate; a cardboard rectangle covered in blue felt with a glue gun next to it; Thomas on a trampoline at the park; Thomas in his Numberblock Five costume - "#365daysofgratitude 2024 - Week 10"


  • Day 61 – I am grateful for being told that Thomas was “brilliant” today in school and had a good day.


  • Day 62 – I am grateful for umbrellas.


  • Day 63 – I am grateful for bubbles.


  • Day 64 – I am grateful for Sophie coming home from school with a “Star of the Day” certificate.


  • Day 65 – I am grateful for felt, cardboard and a glue gun.


  • Day 66 – I am grateful for getting to watch Thomas in his class assembly. So lovely to see him joining in and enjoying it.


  • Day 67 – I am grateful for a very happy little boy going into school today in his Numberblock Five costume for World Book Day.



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Getting out for some nice long walks to help clear my mind.


  • Time out in the garden enjoying some sunshine.


Thomas playing with his number and letter pebbles in the tuff tray in the garden


  • Thomas spontaneously filling in one of the postcards at church inviting us to think more about who we are.


The words 'church' and 'Christian' written on a postcard with the question 'Who are we?'


  • Putting some colours in Sophie’s hair with hair chalks.


Sophie with pink and blue hair chalk streaks in her hair


  • Thomas shouting “yay!” and doing little happy jumps at the end of reading a poem with his class at the class assembly. It was so cute and so lovely to see how much he enjoyed taking part.


  • Sophie’s excitement at going on a school trip. She loved the outdoor activities and her teacher said she was proud of Sophie for how she pushed herself to do things that were outside of her comfort zone.


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9 thoughts on “Friday Focus 08/03/2024 – Books

  1. What a fun week! I said to my girls this week that I actually miss World Book Day and them dressing up.
    I love the costumes for your two. I did guess that Thomas would be a Numberblock. hehehe Well done on making Sophie’s costume. x

  2. I absolutely miss making costumes for World Book day. I know it’s not everyone’s cup or tea. Sophie’s and Thomas’s costumes are fabulous. Clever you. I’m glad they had a good day. I love your morning reading routine. I miss those times reading together when my children were small. Although we still spend special time together now, but it tends to be more talking which I’m hugely grateful for. Good to hear that Thomas’s school is trying different approaches for him. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Madam’s school had a Harry Potter theme so off to Ebay I went! Love the costumes your two had. I wonder which Numberblock Thomas will get to before he changes his mind and wants something else 🙂

  4. Sounds like it’s been a fun week with lots going on at school. Well done you on the costumes. Sounds like it’s working well with the trialling the SEN morning room. Always good when schools find something that works for individual children.

  5. What a great week of books. I love the idea of reading in the morning before breakfast. I wonder if I could add that to our new routine?! It sounds like the school is very supportive of Thomas and his needs. I’m glad he is more settled. Love all the dressing up this week #WotW

  6. I miss reading with the kids so much. I still read kids books sometimes just because I can. I love sophie’s book day costume. My kids would never dress up past the very early days of school. I’m glad Thomas is doing better, it’s good when they have the right help in place, seeing my Little Man come home from school is something I thought would never happen and it’s only taken until year 9!!

  7. I went as the Queen of Hearts for World Book Day and I work in a secondary school. Love Thomas’s idea to go as Number 5. Glad Sophie enjoyed her trip and the teachers were pleased with her for pushing herself outside of her comfort zone.

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