Friday Focus 12/04/2024 – Performing

It’s been a busy week this week with Sophie performing in two dance festivals as well as being in the theatre for tech and dress rehearsals ready for the opening night of Betty Blue Eyes tonight. It’s been full-on and hectic, but a lot of fun too.


The word 'performing' drawn in bubble letters against a drawing of a stage with red curtains and yellow lights


I’ve also been doing some performing this week too – getting to have a rare night out with some friends at a musical theatre open mic night and singing some of the songs that we’ll be performing in our concert next month.


Thankfully my husband has been able to work from home a lot this week so has had time with Thomas while Sophie has been at festivals. I’ve also had some nice one-to-one time with him while Sophie has been at the theatre so it’s been a good balance of one-to-one time with them both this week.


Jessica has also been very much in my thoughts this week with her anniversary coming up on Sunday and the memories from six years ago running through my mind. I’m glad I’ve been able to find space for quiet moments for her amongst the busyness of the week too.


What I’ve been grateful for this week:


A glass of wine on a table with a piano in the background; a daisy; Sophie and Thomas sitting on Daddy's feet while he walks around; Thomas on a swing; Sophie and Thomas on a dinosaur trail; Sophie with an Instagram cut-out with the words 'Slough Arts Festival. Love to Dance'; Sophie in her character costume holding a bronze medal - "#366daysofgratitude 2024 - week 15"


  • Day 96 – I am grateful for a night out at a musical theatre open mic night.


  • Day 97 – I am grateful for the daisy that Thomas gave me while I sat watching him playing in the garden.


  • Day 98 – I am grateful for the giggles at sitting on Daddy’s feet while he walks about.


  • Day 99 – I am grateful for Piriton after Thomas discovered that the yellow and black insect he found didn’t like being poked (it didn’t leave a sting behind so probably a wasp rather than a bee).


  • Day 100 – I am grateful for a SEN inclusive time slot for the dinosaur trail at Black Park. It was so much nicer for us all being able to follow the trail at a quieter time, and helpful to have a visual guide ahead of time too.


  • Day 101 – I am grateful for managing to juggle a busy day spending the morning at a dance festival followed by getting Sophie to the theatre for tech rehearsal in the afternoon, having a rehearsal myself in the evening before picking her up from the theatre and heading home ready to do it all again tomorrow! (minus my rehearsal)


  • Day 102 – I am grateful for watching Sophie dance beautifully in her character solo and coming away with a bronze medal – her first medal for a character solo. Well done Sophie!



Other things that have made me smile this week:

  • Realising that it is ten years this week since I started this blog.


  • Meeting up for lunch with my husband’s cousins on their way home to Luxembourg, having visited friends in Scotland over Easter.


  • Sitting out in the garden watching Thomas playing with his number rocks.


Thomas playing with his number rocks in the tuff tray


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7 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/04/2024 – Performing

  1. What a busy week, you’ve had. I’m glad you had time for yourself and moments of quiet to be with Jessica too. It is quite a juggling act at this stage. Well done Sophie for her solo dancing medal and congratulations on your blogiversary!

  2. Looks like it’s been a successful if busy week. I remember my mum doing all the driving me and my brother around for sports, dance and music. It’s hard enough managing one child, let alone more.
    Hope you’re able to take some time for Jessica tomorrow.

  3. The performing sounds like a lot of fun for Sophie and very hectic for you.
    How exciting to have a night out at an open mic night.
    I will be thinking of you and your family tomorrow. Sending love and hugs. x

  4. Sophie sounds like such a talented little girl, I hope she’ll be performing on the big stage one day. I love to hear you sing too, and when you do a duet with your twinnie.

  5. Congratulations to Sophie on winning her medal! Sorry Thomas found out the painful way not to poke black and yellow insects 🙁 Sending gentle hugs for you all today xx

  6. It sounds like you’ve had a rather lovely week. I hope Sunday wasn’t too hard on you all as a family and you were able to share wonderful memories of Jessica together x

  7. Congratulations to Sophie and how nice to get some time with friends. Oh poor Thomas with the yellow and black thing! I am guessing he won’t do that again.

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