Me and Mine – March 2016

It’s interesting that I finished off last month’s Me and Mine post with the reflection that for families like ours every month is heart month and CHD is always at the forefront of my mind.  The day after that post went live saw Jessica’s first unplanned hospital admission in three years thanks to a chest infection which was probably the cause of the persistently low oxygen saturations that she’d had for a couple of weeks.    Thankfully she improved quickly after being given IV antibiotics and only needed to stay in hospital for a couple of nights.


Me and Mine - March 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love


This month starts and ends with hospital visits – Jessica’s admission to hospital at the start of the month and her cardiology check-up tomorrow.  I’m always a little nervous in the run-up to cardiology check-ups. This time I’m even more nervous. It will be our first appointment since our lovely consultant retired. I suspect we will discuss when Jessica’s next surgery is likely to take place.


This month has also seen us becoming more aware of how Jessica’s heart condition affects her day to day.  With the start of the nicer weather, we have been able to get out and about more.  We’ve realised that the buggy is essential for longer walks. It is not Sophie who needs it though, it is Jessica.  Jessica is now outgrowing the buggy, and will need something more suitable as she gets bigger.  It’s an awareness that has come as a slight shock. On the one hand, we’ve always been aware that her heart defect has an impact on her day-to-day life and yet medicines, check-ups and extra vigilance aside, we’ve often pushed that thought aside. We’ve focused on the normal side of family life, not the things that make our family life different.


A day out at Cliveden - Me and Mine - March 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Hospital admissions and cardiac concerns aside, we have been enjoying “normal” family life this month, getting out and about as much as possible.  This month’s photos are a real mixture. The first is the family photo we had taken whilst at the Zookeeper Zoe launch event. The second photo was taken over the Easter weekend of us enjoying a family day out at Cliveden.


Our final family photo is not our best family photo but it is special nonetheless.  It’s the first family photo that Jessica has taken of us. She wanted to play with my camera and take a photo of us all.  I helped her perch it on some boxes on a chair and put it on self-timer. We all then sat on the sofa while Jessica pressed the button and ran back to sit with us all. She looks very proud of herself!


Jessica's family photo - Me and Mine - March 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

Three family moments from the last month. Three snapshots of us enjoying time together in amongst the ups and downs that come with life as a heart family.


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25 thoughts on “Me and Mine – March 2016

  1. Louise I always get such a warm fuzzy feeling when I read your posts. You are such an amazing mum. I have everything crossed for you that you receive good news at today’s check. I love the last picture, so special that Jessica took it of you all.

  2. You’re such a beautiful family, that last pic is fab! Really hope things are ok and there are positive steps discussed at the check up. A change in consultant can be hard…but hopefully there’ll be a lovely one to replace. Hope you enjoy some more happy Spring moments this week #bloggerclubuk

    1. Thank you Lucy – the new consultant seems very nice but the appointment left me a little anxious as I know we are starting those steps towards the next op. For now, I’m just focusing on the happy moments though and will try not to think ahead unless I need to!

  3. What a lovely final shot! So natural and happy. I hope the check go ok…must be worrying. It’s must also be strange to see Jess gets a bit more tired but at least with something to give her a bit of help along the way, she can join in and enjoy herself as normal. Have a great week xx

    1. Thanks Kim – it is always a worry as you know – trying to put it all out of my mind again for a bit! x

  4. You’ve captured some lovely family photos this month. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with the daily worry of a poorly child – I hope your check up goes well. #MeandMineProject

    1. Thank you Sarah – things seem stable at the check-up, we’re just starting to take steps towards the next op now though which is a little worrying but trying not to think too much about it all!

  5. That last photo may not be the best in your eyes but it will have the best memory and Jessica looks so so happy. For the first attempt she did amazing! Hope your consultant appointment goes okay x

  6. Ah lovely family photos, I am sorry to hear your little girl had to go into hospital. There has been so many poorly kids around at the moment, let alone the additional heart problems she has. Lots of hugs for you all

    1. Thank you Caroline – the consultant appointment was ok, just starting to think about the next op now which is a little scary!

  7. I am always so impressed with your positivity I can only imagine what your family has had to go through. I hope Jessica’s check up goes well. Its lovely she wanted to have a picture taken of all of you from her camera. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

    1. Thank you – I did love Jessica taking a photo of us all, lovely to link up again to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

  8. A beautiful photo’s of a beautiful family. Looks you like had lots of fun as a family, even if your month was book-ended by Hospitals. You’re a very special family to me, seeing Jessica being amazing at 4 years old is awe – inspiring!!! Sending you all lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you so much Gemma – it was a fun month on the whole, even if it did feel quite overshadowed by hospital visits. Hope you and your lovely family are all doing well xx

  9. Hospitals are draining, aren’t they? I hope it hasn’t been too hard on you all. You’ve captured some lovely photos x

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