Me and Mine – February 2016

With February being Heart Month – a month of raising awareness of congenital heart defects – it seems appropriate that our family photo for this month is from one of our fundraising events. We were holding a coffee morning at our church in aid of Little Hearts Matter and so the three of us girls are all wearing our Little Hearts Matter T-shirts.

Me and Mine: February 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The focus on raising awareness over the last month has brought back many memories from the rollercoaster ride that our journey has been and reminded us once again of just how lucky we are to be together as a family. It is a reminder to enjoy the little moments, to enjoy making memories together because we just don’t know what the future will hold.

Me and Mine: February 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

With Jessica’s oxygen saturation levels having dropped over the last couple of weeks, we are also finding ourselves becoming more anxious. It may just be that they have dropped because she has had a cold, but we know that it could also be an indication that she is starting to get to the stage where her next surgery is needed. I know it has to happen at some stage, but there is such a huge part of me that keeps thinking not yet, not yet – let me enjoy this normal family life for just a little longer. We have Jessica’s next cardiology check-up planned for the end of next month and no doubt we will be discussing possible timings for the next surgery then.

Me and Mine: February 2016 - Little Hearts, Big Love

February is coming to a close and with it the end of Heart Month. The intense focus on raising awareness will ease but CHD will still be something that is very much at the forefront of our minds. Because for heart families like ours, every month is heart month.


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5 thoughts on “Me and Mine – February 2016

  1. Lovely picture of you all colour co-ordinated 🙂 Sophie’s smile is so cute, she’s a proper little girl now isn’t she.

    I know what you mean about wanting to enjoy normal family life for a little bit longer, but just think – the sooner surgery is out of the way the sooner you can get back to normal again. That’s the only way I can cope with knowing that more surgery is on the cards for Martha.

    Sending lots of love and hugs your way. xxx

  2. Lovely photos and very apt a location. I have been reading your updates and you have been through so much. I am not surprised your anxious lovely and I hope her sats pick up when she is over the cold. xx

  3. These are gorgeous happy photos and what a brilliant cause to be fundraising for. It must be so scary to have such a big unknown hanging over the future; sending hugs and prayers that the cardiologist will know the exact perfect moment at which surgery is needed, and that you get all the lovely family time you could wish for 🙂

  4. Great family pic and well done to you all on your efforts to raise awareness for the cause. Hope things pick up and you get ‘normal’ family life for a bit longer as you so wish.

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