Me and Mine – January 2018

January has been quite a month for us as a family. We started off the month with Jessica still on the intensive care unit following her heart surgery; were reunited with Sophie 11 days into the New Year once Jessica was back in a “normal” bay on the ward and came home two days later. The second half of the month has been full of medical appointments – but not just for Jessica. You see, we’ve been keeping quiet about the fact that there’s another little member of our family to consider. A little person that right now is about the size of a lime, gender unknown, and is currently known as Peanut.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie standing by a tree with me holding a scan photo - "Me and Mine - January 2018"


We told the girls on Christmas Day. Jessica in particular has been very excited. Being in hospital has been a good thing in that respect with trying to keep Peanut a surprise! She told all the doctors and nurses that “Mummy has a baby in her tummy!” and has been giving my tummy lots of kisses. Sophie has been a little more matter-of-fact but has been asking questions about Peanut. She would like to have another sister. Jessica would like a brother. We’re not planning on finding out until Peanut actually arrives though so hopefully the excitement of actually having a new baby will ease any potential disappointment on that front!


Sophie, me, hubby and Jessica sitting on a bench with me holding a scan photo


Hospital aside, the girls have been very good at keeping Peanut a surprise until we’ve given them the green light to talk about it. It’s not always been easy, especially the baby bump has made an early appearance this time around. I’ve had to carefully consider my outfit choices to minimise the chances of people guessing! It also made the hospital stay a little more “interesting” – the joys of first trimester symptoms! On the plus side though, it forced me to rest a little more and look after myself better than I perhaps would have done otherwise.


Sophie, me, hubby and Jessica sitting on a bench with me holding a scan photo


Thankfully the fatigue and nausea have now eased. The girls are excited that they can finally start telling people about Peanut. Jessica is recovering beautifully from her surgery and has been enjoying having “school at home” with Mummy as she will be off until at least half-term. Sophie has been enjoying having her sister at home a little more. There’s been lots of time for crafts and cuddles, stories and snuggles. We’re still in a bit of a post-surgery bubble in many ways. It’s been nice to be home together.


A "totem pole" photo - Sophie on hubby's shoulders, me in front of hubby and Jessica in front of me in the buggy holding the scan photo of "Peanut"


And so here we are at the end of January. The four of us enjoying our first family trip out since Jessica came home, sharing our little surprise and very much looking forward to becoming a family of five later this year.


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57 thoughts on “Me and Mine – January 2018

    1. Thank you so much. It is so lovely to be home together and to see Jessica doing so well 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness that’s the best news ever! Congratulations xxx
    So glad Jessica’s doing so well
    2018 is going to be quite a year for you!
    The photos are beautiful as always xxx

  2. Such fab news! Congratulations! So pleased that Jessica’s recovery is going well too! You’ve had a lot to deal with later but do take time out to look after yourself and bump! x

    1. Thank you. It’s been a busy month. Have been making sure I take time to look after myself too though 🙂

  3. Such fab news! Congratulations! So pleased that Jessica’s recovery is going well too! You’ve had a lot to deal with later but do take time out to look after yourself and bump! x

  4. Congratulations to you all! What wonderful news. I’m sure Jessica and Sophie will be amazing big sisters! X

    (I had trouble hiding the bump third time around too – some people had actually guessed I was pregnant before I knew myself!)

    1. Thanks Sarah. I had people guessing early last time – being in hospital made it easier to keep quiet this time around plus some careful outfit choices when out and about afterwards!

  5. Wow, Congratulatons. Well done to the girls keeping that huge secret. . I’m wondering how you’ll manage your “family-stack” photos with another one ( I guess it will be a babyin a papoose- what do you call those front-slings?)…

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I think we’ll go for the baby in a wrap idea! I’m sure we’ll find a way to do the “totem pole” photo 🙂

    1. Thanks Fiona. Definitely agree that big families are wonderful – I’m one of nine and love it 🙂

  6. How exciting! Huge congratulations!!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 And I hope Jessica will start to feel better soon, it must be very tough on her.

  7. Oh how exciting huge huge congratulations!!! We can share our pregnancies together hahaha I have a bump and baby linky too now if you ever want to join sharing all things pregnancy birth maternity baby products put baby’s first year. So glad to hear Jess surgery went well and she is on the mend at home now. You are doing amazing homeschool recovery and pregnant. Sending big hugs lovely family snaps and the start of a family of five like me. This year is exciting. #meandmine

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