Friday Focus 12/01/18 – Reunited as a family again

Jessica has made some big steps this week with her recovery and has been moved out of high care on to a “normal” bay. Now that I am able to stay with Jessica on the ward, we are able to have Sophie back with us again. It has been two weeks since I last saw my baby girl and being reunited yesterday afternoon was absolutely wonderful. I have missed those big hugs and that cheeky grin and Jessica has certainly missed her little sister.


Reunited - this week's word of the week


Sophie will be staying with Daddy at the Ronald McDonald House. While Jessica was on high care and PICU, hubby and I were taking turns to sit with her during the night. We had a little routine that worked well – I went to bed around 9.30pm while hubby did the first part of the night, and then I took over around 4.30am and he got to sleep in until lunchtime. That way we both got a reasonable chunk of sleep. I have to say that while my nights on the ward might be a little more disturbed, it is good not to be getting up quite so early each morning!


Things I have loved this week:

  • Seeing all the wires and tubes surrounding Jessica gradually reduce each day. The chest drains have been removed and she is off oxygen. We just have the cannula and the NG tube left to go now.


  • Watching Jessica have fun doing some arts and crafts.


  • A couple of visits from the Pets as Therapy dog (and his human!)


  • Jessica receiving some lovely parcels in the post. The box from her friends at Girls’ Brigade made me cry – there were handmade cards in there from nearly every girl in her company, not just the Explorers section.


Jessica opening her parcel from her friends at Girls' Brigade


  • Seeing how much Jessica is enjoying her one-to-one bedside teaching sessions after having been registered with the hospital school this week.


Jessica doing some maths with her hospital school teacher


  • Being surprised by Jessica suddenly appearing in the ward kitchen with her trolley the first time she was able to get out of bed and go for a walk.


Jessica pushing her drains and pumps in a trolley on her first walk around the ward post-op


  • Chatting to other parents on the ward. There is such a wonderful sense of community on the children’s cardiac ward and it really does make hospital stays so much easier.


  • Visits from Godmummy Katy, Grandma, Grandad and Nanny.


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23 thoughts on “Friday Focus 12/01/18 – Reunited as a family again

  1. Jessica is doing so well and it’s lovely to see. Being reunited at last must be such a relief, I know you must have missed each other terribly. I hope Jessica continues to do well on her road to recovery x

  2. It’s so lovely to see Jessica up and about and to hear how well she’s doing. It must be great to be reunited now and be in a ‘normal’ bay. She’s doing so well, I’m so happy for you all x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. I am thrilled for you that Jessica is doing so well. She’s a little champion! The hospital seem to be taking excellent care of you all which must be a great comfort xx #wotw

    1. Thanks Jane. It’s been such a help having my mum there to have Sophie. So lovely to be together again though 🙂

  4. I am following your journey in FB & instagram and I can see the everyone is doing their bits to make everything nice. You have the loveliest family and will always think of you and your daughter who is an inspiration to me personally =)

  5. Louise you must be so proud of Jessica she is such an inspirational and brave young lady. I am thrilled she is making such good progress and have been keeping up with you all. It must have been wonderful to be reunited with Sophie and have you little family all together again. Sending you all lots of love x

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