Me and Mine – April 2018

As with the Siblings project earlier this month, I’ve decided to share a Me and Mine post this month with the final photos of our family enjoying time together. This month started with us on holiday on the Isle of Wight. The WiFi was rubbish, the phone reception was poor and so we switched off from the outside world and just enjoyed that quality time together. I am so very glad we did.


Sophie, me, hubby and Jessica sitting on a bench in the garden of our holiday cottage - "Me and Mine - April 2018"


It wasn’t a perfect holiday. We were concerned about Jessica’s lack of energy and general malaise but she seemed to improve as the week went on which was encouraging. Our pace throughout the week was a leisurely one. Normally we completely pack out our days on holiday – going here and there, visiting different places, doing lots of different things. This time, we took it slowly. Staying in a cottage made it easier to allow Jessica to rest if she needed to. We often didn’t venture out until very late morning. It wasn’t about how many adventures we could pack in. Just about being together – the four of us (plus Peanut!). We were content and we were complete.


A selfie of Jessica, me, hubby and Sophie on the Isle of Wight steam railway


One week after our return, that completeness was abruptly shattered. There is now a huge Jessica-shaped hole in our family. We are no longer complete; nor will we ever be so again. That holiday was our last planned one as a family of four as we looked forward to becoming a family of five. We will now never know what life as five would have been like. Jessica was so excited about Peanut, so looking forward to having a new sibling. A new sibling that she will now never meet. I am glad though that she did have a moment of connecting with Peanut on our holiday. She was lying with her head on my bump one day on our holiday, enjoying a snuggle when Peanut started moving. “Mummy, Peanut’s kicking my head!” she said, with a smile.


Me, Sophie, hubby and Jessica at Bembridge Windmill


April started off so beautifully and finished up being the most terrible month of our lives. Despite how hard April has been, I wish I could hold on to it still. Tomorrow I will turn the calendar for the start of a new month. A month that never had Jessica in it. The first of many such months, of endless days that we must learn to navigate as best we can.


Me, Sophie, hubby and Jessica at Bembridge Windmill


We are still a family even though we are forever incomplete. Sophie keeps us going and we are trying to keep as much normality in her life as we can. All being well, we will be blessed with another bundle of joy in the summer. There will be happy moments to come, even if underneath it all there will remain the constant ache of what we have lost. Jessica will always be part of our family life. We will tell Peanut all about her and we will help Sophie keep the memories of her big sister alive. We will miss Jessica terribly for the rest of our lives but we will carry her in our hearts wherever we go.


Me, Jessica, Sophie and hubby at Blackgang Chine



7 thoughts on “Me and Mine – April 2018

  1. Dearest Louise, if it were not for the fact that this is so sad I would congratulate you for your beautiful writing and the words you put so wonderfully into a story. Jessica will be in Everyone’s hearts forever and she will live on in your blog as I’m sure you will will continue. Xxxxxxx

  2. It’s lovely that you shared these last photos of you all together and how wonderful that Jessica connected with her new sibling. I adore that close up photo of you all together. Thinking of you all as always.

  3. I’m so sorry to read this. Your blog is a beautiful reminder of Jessica and her life with you – she lives on here. All the best with your blessed pregnancy x

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