Siblings – April 2018

I have been in two minds about whether to share a siblings post this month. I feel though that I’d like to share some of the last photos of my two girls together and bring this particular series of our monthly siblings project to its end. Jessica and Sophie had such a beautiful bond. It breaks my heart that I will never get to see them playing together again; never hear them chatter to each other as they lose themselves in a world of imaginative play, never see them cuddle up together again.


Jessica and Sophie cuddling up together - "Siblings - April 2018"


We have so many happy memories of the two of them together during the four and a half years they were able to spend together on earth. Their sibling bond will never truly be broken. We will do our best to help keep Sophie’s memories of Jessica alive and when Peanut arrives, he or she will know what a wonderful big sister Jessica was too.


Here is a selection of photos from the last month that Jessica and Sophie were able to spend together. From snow in the middle of last month, to some happy moments from our last family holiday together, a last day out with Auntie Fizz and their beloved cousins Ebony and Erin and a snapshot of them sitting together on the sofa when Jessica arrived home from a hospital stay for the last time.


Jessica and Sophie standing in front of a fence in the late afternoon sunshine


Jessica and Sophie standing in the snow


Jessica and Sophie looking out the window on the Isle of Wight ferry


Jessica and Sophie on the Isle of Wight ferry


Jessica and Sophie at Godshill Model Village


Jessica and Sophie inside Bembridge Windmill


Jessica and Sophie sitting on a bench with two giant gnomes at Blackgang Chine


Jessica and Sophie at Arreton Barns


Jessica and Sophie doing crafts at Brading Roman Villa


Jessica and Sophie sticking flower shapes on their paper plates


Jessica and Sophie at Chessington with Auntie Fizz


Jessica and Sophie with their cousins Ebony and Erin at Chessington


Jessica and Sophie sitting together on the sofa in their pyjamas


Jessica and Sophie sitting together on the sofa in their pyjamas with Sophie giving Jessica a hug


If I could sum up that beautiful bond between Jessica and Sophie in just one photo from the last four years though, it would be this one. Whenever I think of the two of them together, this is the picture that I will carry with me in my heart.


A photo of Jessica and Sophie cuddling each other

22 thoughts on “Siblings – April 2018

  1. Simply beautiful!! Have been thinking of Jessica all weekend and even decided to open my Hope from a Butterfly twitter account again yesterday! Maybe it might lead me back to blogging, so thank you Jessica for reawakening a part of me. Beautiful post Louise, thinking of you lots xxx

  2. This post and these pictures are just beautiful. Their love for each other is so clear to see xxx

  3. Such beautiful photos to help Sophie and peanut as they grow up. The bond is so obvious in these photos that Sophie should hopefully find comfort from them in the dark days of years to come when she can look back and see just how much her sister loves her. What a wonderful collection of memories. I am so sorry that you are having to go through this. No parent should. #tribalchat

  4. What lovely photos of the girls together. I won’t’ lie, I’m in tears again reading your post. It’s such a devastating loss to lose a child. I think that it’s really beautiful that you have shared Jessica’s life and story with us. And the way you have handled yourself is truly inspiring. xx

  5. I love these photos Louise. Each time I met the girls they were together and when I close my eyes to picture Jessica I see her running around giggling with Sophie. Other memories I have are the girls climbing, clambering over and cuddling you and Michael. I’m so glad you have these memories to treasure. I know you will keep Jessica’s memory alive for Peanut and she will always be watching over her younger siblings. Lots of love as always to you all xxx

  6. Such a beautifully expressed post, I’m sure Jessica is very proud of you. Their love for each other is very clear, wonderful photos and memories there to treasure. Thinking of you all xxx

  7. It’s such a beautiful post, Louise, celebrating the love between your two girlies. Those photos of their shared moments in the past few weeks are so lovely, as always. I absolutely love the last photo. I remember when you had them taken and thinking they looked so perfect! I am thinking a lot about your little heart angel, you, Michael, Sophie and Peanut. Sending you all my love xxx Mel

  8. These are wonderful Louise, as are you and Michael. That you can find the strength to post these now is nothing short of inspirational. Always in our thoughts here in York.

    Paul x

  9. So many gorgeous photos of the two of them together. I am in tears again as I look at these. I have been thinking of you all, all weekend. It has been so wonderful to follow your blog over the past few years and to see so many wonderful snapshots of the bond between Jessica and Sophie. Sending lots of love to you all. x

  10. Just beautiful! The girls had such an amazing bond which is so clear to see.
    I have been thinking about you and your family all weekend…Sending love and hugs xxx

  11. Such a beautiful post of your gorgeous two girls. They clearly adored each other and you will always have these wonderful memories. Sending you all my love xxx

  12. Beautiful! Such gorgeous girls with such a special bond. They always looked so happy together. I can’t imagine how Sophie is feeling without her big sister, or how any of you are feeling without your beloved Jessica, but thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. x

  13. These are such gorgeous photos of the two of them together, what amazing memories you have to look back on. I’m thinking of you all every day, your strength, faith and gratitude at the most difficult of times is incredible.

  14. Another beautiful post. A bond like that will never end. 2 beautiful girls with an amazing friendship. That last photo is incredible ❤️

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