Siblings – April 2019

It’s been a year since Jessica died. A year in which Sophie’s position within our family changed dramatically – from little sister, to our only living child, and then to being the big sister. The middle child – yet never having the experience of being the middle child. No longer having her big sister there to lead the way. Having to adapt to the loss of the constant playmate as well as having a new baby brother.


She’s coped remarkably well on the whole. But I miss the way she and Jessica used to play together. The chatter and the laughter. The house has been so much quieter over this past year. It makes me so sad that Sophie doesn’t have someone to play with in the way she used to. She told us the other day that she misses Jessica because she doesn’t have anyone to play with her Hatchimals with her. By the time Thomas is big enough to play with Hatchimals, I suspect Sophie will have grown out of playing with them.


It is lovely to see that bond between Sophie and Thomas growing day by day though. The way she loves to tickle him, and helps to entertain him. She likes to pick him up and carry him across the room (we have to watch her closely there!) and he always gives her the biggest smiles. She really is so good with him. Very different, I think, to how Jessica would have been. Jessica was very gentle and quiet. Sophie is quite a whirlwind. She is incredibly loving, full of hugs and smiles, but her touch is perhaps not quite as gentle as it could be! How lovely it would have been if I could have seen Thomas with both his big sister. They would have both loved him so much and their different personalities would have complemented each other so very well.


Sophie and Thomas sitting in Grandma's garden, with Sophie holding the picture of Jessica - "Siblings - April 2019"


Thomas (0 years 8 months)

  • Has two teeth now at the bottom.
  • Is starting to be on the move – rolling around the floor and shuffling himself backwards when lying on his back.
  • Can sit unsupported for short periods of time.
  • Received another certificate at Tiny Talk for being able to sign milk, hold out his arms to ask to be picked up and clap his hands.
  • Went on the swings and slide at the park for the first time.


Sophie and Thomas sitting in Grandma's garden, with Sophie holding the picture of Jessica


Sophie (5 years 5 months)

  • Received her gold Reading Raccoon certificate (100 books) and has moved up another reading level to blue books.
  • Took part in her first class assembly and loved dancing away on stage with her classmates.
  • Has been talking about Jessica a lot more recently and has been doing some drawings of her sister and painting rocks to go in the garden to remember Jessica.
  • Is enjoying the Easter holidays and getting out and about for days out.
  • Has started a “collection” of things to help her remember fun days out together.


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • Jessica’s memorial is now in place at her forever bed. It is such a beautiful tribute to her and has captured her so wonderfully well.
  • It was the first anniversary of Jessica’s death on 14 April. Thank you to everyone who joined in to #givejoyforjessica, helping to share some smiles. It also helped make the day a little easier to bear for us.

3 thoughts on “Siblings – April 2019

  1. Sophie has had to adapt and change so much over the last year. I am so pleased that she has coped well. It sounds like she is such a great big sister despite being a bit of a whirlwind. hehehe
    I really do hope that she is still into Hatchimals when Thomas is a bit older so they can play together. I am sure if she’s not they’ll find something else to play x

  2. I’m so glad for Sophie that she’s talking about Jessica more. She had the best big sister, and it sounds like she’s doing a brilliant job being a big sister herself.

    As always, sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx

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