#givejoyforjessica – spread a smile on 14 April

The one phrase I probably use most often to describe Jessica is ‘joy-carrier’. She truly was a little ray of sunshine – full of big smiles and spreading happiness wherever she went. Even when she was in hospital, she still managed to give those beautiful smiles. Her strength and sweet nature inspired me then and inspire me still.


We are now coming up to a year since Jessica died. I have no doubt that 14 April – the date that she died – will be an incredibly tough day for us. However, I wanted to do something positive to mark the day too – something to honour our beautiful brave girl. Jessica spread so much joy to others in her life. It feels appropriate to mark this anniversary by encouraging others to do the same.


Jessica enjoying some water play - "#givejoyforjessica – spread a smile on 14 April"


On 14 April, I would love it if you could #givejoyforjessica – do something to bring another person joy and make them smile. It can be a big thing, or a little thing. I’ve shared a few ideas below if you need a little inspiration:


  • Call or meet up with a friend that you haven’t spoken to or seen for a while and have a catch-up with them.
  • Pay someone a compliment – or pass on a compliment that you’ve overheard.
  • Leave a note of encouragement for someone.
  • Share a funny joke.
  • Bake a cake to take to work and share.
  • Take time to really sit and listen to someone.
  • Send someone some flowers.
  • Buy a hot drink and a sandwich for a homeless person.
  • Make up a gift box or a basket for someone that would really appreciate it.
  • Take the kids to the park and use it as an excuse to join in and act like a big kid too!
  • Donate a few items to your local foodbank.
  • Surprise someone with an unexpected gift.
  • Smile at those around you.


If you would like to join me in sharing any smiles on social media on 14 April, then please feel free to use the hashtag #givejoyforjessica so I can see your posts. If you have any other suggestions, please do share them via the comments.


Jessica leaning towards the camera with a big smile and Sophie standing in the background


Cuddle Fairy


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28 thoughts on “#givejoyforjessica – spread a smile on 14 April

  1. I can’t believe it’s almost a year Louise. What a wonderful thing to do on such a difficult day for you. And exactly the way Jessica would want to be remembered I’m sure. I’ll be joining in of course, I’ve put it in my diary.

  2. Oh Louise, I remember waking up to your news that morning and all the feelings that came with it. I think this is a beautiful way to remember Jessica and we will definitely be joining in with smiles and fresh air. Nothing will make the day easier for you all but to know that Jessica is remembered with fondness by so many, may hopefully support you all in some small way xxx

    1. Thank you Mary. It will be a very hard day but hopefully this will help make it a little easier x

  3. I think it’s such an amazing idea and I really hope as many people as read this join in. I’m due major surgery on 10th, so I’m not sure where I’ll be or in what state, but I’m sure I will be able to manage a big smile with my kids at least.
    I hope 14th isn’t too hard on you, and the 15th is not too empty. Love to you all, and strength xxx

    1. Thank you Jenny. I hope all goes well with your surgery. Sending lots of love xx

  4. Sending prayers your way now and on April 14. What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. Thank you for the great tips. I think sometimes people don’t know what to do for someone who has experienced a profound loss. These suggestions will help.

  5. This beautiful post has made me both cry and feel grateful, I have suffered with health issues, having a brain tumour and stroke which has left me disabled, but all 3 of my sons are healthy, that I am truly grateful for #bloggerclubuk@_karendennis

    1. Thank you Karen. So sorry to hear of your health issues. Lots of love x

  6. What a lovely way to remember your beautiful daughter. I will definitely be joining in. Thinking of you x

  7. What a lovely way to mark what must be such a difficult day. We all need to share more kindness and smiles, and I will certainly join in #BloggerClubUK

  8. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your daughter, I love that you are doing this. I can not imagine how hard this past year has been and how hard it’ll be on the day that marks one year, I will will be thinking of you and your family and sending prayers to Jessica and know I will be sharing my smile to honour her memory, much love to you xoxo sending a big hug! And thank you for sharing this with #ablogginggood time it means a lot xx

  9. This is a lovely idea! I am in Morocco where Misery Guts is running an ultra marathon but I will be sure to take part from the Sahara! #ablogginggoodtime

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