Crafting with kids: a simple Easter crown

I thought I’d shared the last of our craft sessions with Jessica but last week a couple of photos popped up in my Timehop reminding me of the last Easter craft we did together. I’d left it to the last minute to make Sophie an Easter bonnet for her preschool concert. When I couldn’t find a hat to decorate, I decided to get the girls to decorate some cardboard egg shapes and make Sophie an Easter crown instead. It was such a simple craft but the girls really enjoyed it, and Sophie was very proud of her Easter crown when it was finished.


Sophie wearing an Easter crown decorated with cardboard egg shapes - "Crafting with kids: a simple Easter crown"


You will need:

  • Green card
  • Sticky tape
  • Pastel coloured card in two or three different colours
  • Scissors
  • Glitter glue tubes
  • Marker pens
  • Easter stickers or cut-out shapes
  • Washi tape
  • Glue


1) Cut a strip of green card long enough to fit around your child’s head. Overlap the ends slightly and secure with sticky tape.


2) Cut out egg shapes from pastel coloured card. You will need enough eggs to fit around the strip of card.


3) Decorate the egg shapes using glitter glue, marker pens, stickers and washi tape.


Sophie using washi tape to decorate her egg shapes


4) Glue the egg shapes around the strip of green card to make your Easter crown.


Nine pastel-coloured cardboard eggs, each decorated using pens, stickers, glitter glue and washi tape


Sophie wearing the finished Easter crown


I loved the different designs that the girls came up with. It was lovely to watch them working together to create Sophie’s Easter crown. I no longer have the crown they made together, but the photos bring back some happy memories. I always loved doing crafts with my girls and it is so lovely to be able to share a craft that Jessica was involved in once again.


Jessica decorating one of the cardboard egg shapes using glitter glue

2 thoughts on “Crafting with kids: a simple Easter crown

  1. Oh, this is lovely Louise. It must be nice for you to find little memories of Jessica like this. She looks like she was really concentrating hard on decorating her egg. And Sophie looks very proud of the end result!

    1. It is so lovely to be able to share a new post with Jessica. Such lovely memories. She was so proud of her decorated eggs.

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