Thomas’s first trip to the park

That trip to the park when a little one is able to sit in a baby swing for the first time is a lovely milestone moment. I can remember the first time we put each of the girls in the swing at the park; taking lots of photos to mark the moment. Naturally Thomas’s first trip to the park where he could join in the fun was just the same.


Thomas in the baby swing at the park - "Thomas's first trip to the park"


The park near our friends’ house is a good one for little kids and big kids alike. Hubby always likes to join in the fun and was happily spinning around on the chair roundabout holding Thomas on to the one next to him.


Sophie helping Daddy spin Thomas on the chair roundabout


Next up, it was time to try Thomas on the slide. He seemed to quite like this one.


Thomas going down the slide guided by Daddy

Thomas going down the slide


The swing was the biggest hit though judging from the big grin on his face. I am sure there will be many hours to come of standing in the park and pushing him in the swing from now on! Sophie loved pushing our friends’ little one in the swing though. Hopefully she will be happy to take a turn and save Mummy’s arms every now and then! She does still quite like sitting in the baby swings herself though, having not quite got the knack of swinging herself on the big swings.


Thomas in the baby swing at the park with Daddy standing next to him

Sophie on the swing


Thomas also enjoyed spinning around on the spinning disc. Love the big grins and the outstretched arms here.


Thomas spinning on a spinning disc


It’ll be a while yet before he is big enough for the zip wire. Sophie had lots of fun on it though.

Sophie on the zip wire


A trip to the park is one of the simple pleasures of childhood days but so full of magic moments. I love seeing how my hubby becomes a big kid himself when joining in with the children and the pure joy on their faces when he does. Simple fun that doesn’t cost a penny. The best things in life really are free.


Sophie spinning in a chair at the park



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4 thoughts on “Thomas’s first trip to the park

  1. Such a lovely family post about a growing up milestone we all love going through. Thomas looks like he’s loving it. And well done for taking photos. So many people don’t bother by the third child!! #CountryKids

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