A tribute to our joy-carrier: the making of Jessica’s memorial

Jessica’s forever bed is in a beautiful woodland burial site. As the surroundings are all very natural, there are quite strict restrictions about memorials and what can be placed at grave sites. We can leave cut flowers on her grave as long as there is no wrapping on them and we are allowed to have a single wooden vase for flowers. I always bring fresh flowers with me when I visit her. Some of them are firm favourites with the deer that live in the woodland and disappear quite quickly. I am beginning to learn which ones will be eaten and which will be left!


Jessica's memorial at GreenAcres with a vase of daffodils - "A tribute to our joy-carrier: the making of Jessica's memorial"


Some of the trees around the site are known as ‘snowdrop trees’. These are areas reserved for babies and young children up to the age of five. As Jessica was six when she died, she was laid to rest in an adult area. There is a snowdrop tree very close to her tree though. One of the children laid to rest there is another little heart warrior whose journey I followed a few years ago.


When we first visited GreenAcres, we spent time looking at the memorials around the snowdrop trees, and one of these memorials was the inspiration for Jessica’s memorial. It is a carving of a fairy holding a teddy bear, sitting on top of a book. We thought that something similar with Jessica holding her favourite doll Kerry would be a fitting memorial for Jessica.


A wooden memorial with a fairy and a teddy bear on top of an open book


The guidelines for memorials are that they need to be within the dimensions set by the Woodland Supervisor with no metal work as this could corrode. We were also told that the wood used for the memorial could be treated with natural oils but not painted or varnished.


Lillyfee Woodcarving Studio was one that was recommended to us by the team at GreenAcres. As they are based in the local area, we were able to visit the studio several times during the making of Jessica’s memorial and discuss the design with Colin, the master woodcarver there.


We started off with my doodle to give an idea of what we were looking for. We also provided some photos of Jessica and the memorial that had inspired us. Jessica’s original Kerry doll is with her, but we still have ‘Kerry 2’ and ‘Kerry 3’ for Sophie and Thomas. Kerry 2 rides on Sophie’s scooter to school each day, so it was Kerry 3 who became the model for the carving.


My doodle showing our idea for Jessica's memorial - a cartoon version of Jessica and Kerry on top of an open book with the words - "Jessica Charlotte George. 6 September 2011 - 14 April 2018. Our little joy carrier whose half a heart overflowed with love. You brought sunshine to all who knew you. Love and miss you always."


The design for Jessica’s memorial was then drawn up by Lillyfee. We decided, after discussion, to reduce the wording slightly.


The design for Jessica's memorial drawn up by Lillyfee showing Jessica holding Kerry on top of an open book with the words "Jessica Charlotte George. 6.9.2011 - 14.4.2018. Our little joy carrier (whose half a heart overflowed with love) [marked omit]. You brought sunshine to all who knew you. Love and miss you always."


Once we’d approved the design, work began on the carving itself. We provided the team with lots of photos of Jessica taken from different angles. When we next visited the studio, the carving of Jessica and Kerry was completed, ready to be treated with oils.


That first look at the finished version was quite emotional. To see hubby holding Jessica and Kerry in his hands – the way that the carving had captured her so beautifully. The level of detail was incredible. Jessica’s facial features; her little plaits – one forward, one backward as was so often the case. Her little outfit right down to her little shoes. I remembered her playing in the garden, wearing that exact outfit. Those little shoes are still in our living room, just where she left them after she wore them for the last time. Even the way she sat – it was so Jessica. And even her little Kerry, who was more proportional in size to Jessica than she had been in the original sketches, was just right.


The untreated carving of Jessica holding Kerry with Jessica facing the camera


It was so very Jessica, and it was so very beautiful.


The untreated carving of Jessica holding Kerry viewed from the back


The next step was to carve the wording in the book. This had been drawn on ready for us to approve. There were a couple of minor changes, but otherwise we were happy with it.


The carving of Jessica and Kerry on a table with the carved book in front with "Jessica Charlotte George 6.9.2011 - 14.4.2018. Our little joy carrier. You bought [sic] sunshine to all who knew you. Love and miss you always." pencilled out


A few weeks later, we were back at the studio to pick up the finished memorial. Another emotional moment – seeing those words carved there below the beautiful sculpture of our little Jessica and her Kerry. It was such a perfect tribute to her.


The finished memorial in the studio


We had to purchase a permit for the memorial and arrange a date for it to be installed at GreenAcres. It seemed best to do this while my mum was staying with us so that she and hubby’s parents could be there with us when it was ‘planted’. The team at GreenAcres were very respectful and sensitive. They asked if we wanted to carry Jessica’s memorial to her forever bed. We didn’t, so one of their team carried it ahead of us.


At Jessica’s forever bed, we were able to ‘plant’ the memorial in the ground ourselves. It felt a little strange, but so much nicer to have her memorial there after being used to seeing just a wooden post with her name on for so long. It was another very emotional moment for us all. Jessica’s memorial is so very beautiful. I wish we didn’t have to have something like this for her though. But this is our reality, and as our beautiful girl can no longer be with us, it is a little comforting to feel like we can look at her when we visit; stroke her hair, kiss the top of her head and tell her how very much we love and miss her.


Jessica's memorial at GreenAcres, next to a wooden vase filled with daffodils


Thank you so much to the team at Lillyfee for creating such a beautiful memorial to our little girl and for your amazing skills which captured her so very well.


Jessica's memorial at GreenAcres, next to a wooden vase filled with daffodils


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14 thoughts on “A tribute to our joy-carrier: the making of Jessica’s memorial

  1. It is such a beautiful memorial Louise, I’m so glad the carvers captured Jessica so perfectly. It is a sign of what an incredible writer you are that this post had me feeling every emotion. So sad for your loss of Jessica, pleased for you that the memorial is so wonderful but I also had a little chuckle at Kerry 1, 2 and 3. We have only one of each of the girls’ favourite toys and no idea where to get another from. The thought of losing one of the toys fills me with horror! It’s lovely that Sophie and Thomas have Kerry 2 and Kerry 3 now.

    1. Thank you Nat. We only bought Kerry 2 and 3 when Jessica briefly misplaced her original Kerry and we realised that it had been discontinued. Thank goodness for eBay! I’m glad that we have them now as it is lovely that Sophie and Thomas have these to remember Jessica by. I’m really pleased with how Jessica’s memorial has turned out – it really does capture her so beautifully x

  2. This really is such a beautiful memorial to Jessica. It is perfect.
    It is such a lovely place where Jessica was laid to rest. Everything about it is so peaceful x

  3. Dear Louise,
    what a lovely blog you have written, we here at Lillyfee took pleasure as well as care when carving Jessica’s memorial, and could feel the great depth of love that you all had and still have for her; i feel that i am doing something of value when making a memorial, and i care deeply about getting it right, you have a lovely family, kindest regards colin Mantripp Master Carver

    1. That care and attention to detail really did come across. Thank you so much for creating something so very special and capturing Jessica so beautifully through it.

  4. Reading this in a cafe and I’ve got tears streaming down my face. It’s such a beautiful memorial for the most beautiful little girl. The skill and craftsmanship that went into making the sculpture, it’s amazing.

    I think about her always.

    1. Thank you Gemma. We were amazed by all the little details and how wonderfully the memorial captured Jessica. Such a beautiful thing to be able to have marking her forever bed x

  5. It is absolutely beautiful, Louise. The care and attention to detail is incredible. Even though it is heartbreaking that such a thing should be needed, it is good to read of the care and respect that went into creating the perfect memorial to your special little joy carrier. X

    1. Thank you Sarah. The attention to detail is really quite incredible. It really did feel like a lot of care and love went into the making of Jessica’s memorial and it is a beautiful tribute to her x

  6. It really is the most beautiful memorial I have ever seen. It capture’s Jessica’s essence and purity in such a natural way. I can’t imagine how difficult and emotional this is for you and the family. Thank you for sharing your journey with us at #BloggerClubUK x

  7. What a beautiful memorial for your beautiful girl, Louise! The craftsmanship is awesome, with such attention to detail. And such a lovely location too.

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