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A freezer drawer full of frozen expressed breastmilk

Expressing and sharing

I have been a breastfeeding mama for just over two years in total. In that time I have done a lot of expressing. From the days after Jessica’s birth when…

Sophie in my arms shortly after being born

Black & White Photography Project Week 1

This is one of my favourite photos ever. It captures the moment when Jessica met baby Sophie for the very first time. Unfortunately as the room was fairly dim and…

Jessica looking at one of the Pretty Jessica roses in the garden

Silent Sunday 13/07/14


Love - this week's word of the week

Word of the Week 11/07/14 – Love

Today is my fifth wedding anniversary and so my word for this week has to be love. My husband’s love has helped me keep going through all the struggles of…

Sophie and Jessica sitting on the floor together playing with bricks

Siblings – July 2014

Watching my two little girls playing together is so beautiful. Sophie is now very confident with sitting unsupported. This means that she can now sit down on the floor with…

Jessica's painting of Sophie

Mini Creations – Painting

With a rainy afternoon stopping us from going out and playing in the garden, it seemed a good moment to get the craft box out and do some painting instead.…

Breastfeeding my heart child: getting back to the breast after chylothorax

Six long weeks of not being able to give Jessica my milk due to a chylothorax felt like an eternity at times. Six long weeks of continually expressing to keep…

Me, Jessica and Sophie at benches #8 (Brick Lane), #9 (Bridget Jones), #10 (Jacqueline Wilson) and #11 (Mary Poppins)

Book Bench Challenge – City Trail

We love getting out and about as a family and having a challenge. In previous years, hubby and I have visited the seven wonders of the British waterways, and over…

Jessica receiving her signing certificate for being able to do 50 signs

Silent Sunday 06/07/14

Jessica on PICU just before her first open heart surgery

#NHS66 – Thank you NHS!

Today is the NHS’s 66th birthday. The Big Up The NHS campaign started in August 2013 on Twitter. This campaign aims to counteract the huge amount of negative stories about…