Walking in a winter wonderland

We had a couple of days earlier this week going to visit Nanny and had an afternoon out visiting Keydell Nurseries near where Nanny lives. Each year, Keydell’s has a Christmas shop and their Christmas displays are very popular with visitors. We decided to take the girls so that they could enjoy a taste of Christmas magic as the festive season approaches. Winter wonderland 01 We started off on the ‘Woodland Walk’ through a wintery wonderland. There was a Santa’s grotto at the entrance to the woodland walk but as the girls are still very little and will be meeting Santa at a Christmas party next weekend, I decided not to pay for a Santa visit at £10.50 per child, especially as they are still young enough not to request it! Winter wonderland 02 Sophie loved being able to get out of the buggy and toddle about through the different wintry scenes – it made our pace very slow but meant that we were able to take in the beautiful scenes more fully. Winter wonderland 04 The girls got to sit in Santa’s sleigh with Nanny which Sophie quite enjoyed although Jessica seemed a little unsure about the whole thing. She was equally unimpressed later on when coming across a model of Santa and was not too keen at sitting on his lap for a photo. Winter wonderland 03Winter wonderland 07 It was lovely to see some of Santa’s reindeer and the girls enjoyed watching them through a window. A little further on in the walk, there was a space where we could reach in and stroke them but they were too busy eating to want to come near and be poked at by little fingers so we were just contented with watching them instead! Winter wonderland 05 I had thought that Jessica would be the one who would find the walk quite magical but she seemed quite nonplussed about the whole thing. Perhaps it was all the lights or just feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, who knows? Sophie, on the other hand, was completely entranced. I love this photo of her looking up at one of the trees – the look on her little face really does capture Christmas magic for me: Winter wonderland 06 After we’d finished our woodland walk, we had a wander around and looked at all the decorations and lighted Christmas scenes. I think if I could have afforded it, I would have liked to have walked away with a huge pile of stuff but managed to resist the temptation to go wild and just bought a few little Christmassy bits to add to our current stash of decorations. Winter wonderland 08 Overall I think we all enjoyed the walk on the whole – Sophie loved all the displays and having a chance to walk about and Jessica was more interested in looking at all the decorations and displays indoors rather than the woodland walk itself. Winter wonderland 09

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  1. That place looks really cool, real reindeers, come on!! Your girls are adorable x

  2. I think that Christmas walks like this can be really wonderful, a lovely way to start getting into the Christmas mood… I love that photo of Sophie looking up at the trees, magical x

    1. Thanks Sara – I love that photo too and lovely to start getting into the festive mood! 🙂

  3. Awww, they look so cute with their matching coats! I think I might have been as wary of the model of Santa as Jessica was… love the reindeer though! x

    1. Thanks Mel – there were a couple of the figures that I thought were a little sinister so maybe that’s why Jessica looked so unsure – the reindeer were definitely a hit though! 🙂

  4. I think sometimes we forget how overwhelming these type of experiences can be when you’re little-so much for the senses to take on board. My daughter prefers the decorations bit too! I love the photo of Sophie looking up, it is absolutely lovely.

    1. Yes, I think that’s why Jessica didn’t enjoy it so much – there was probably just too much to look at. I love that photo too – a lovely moment captured there 🙂

  5. What a lovely place to visit! Great photos! It looks like everyone had a fab time!
    I wouldn’t have paid £10.50 to see Santa either…..That seems very expensive! x

    1. Thanks Kim, it was lovely and yes, visiting Santa did feel a little pricey especially as we’ll get to see him next week at a Christmas party anyway x

  6. That looks like a great place to visit, I love the photo of Sophie looking completely entranced by the trees. It’s a shame Jessica didn’t really enjoy it but it was probably that there was too much going on to be able to focus well. Popping in from Magic Moments.

    1. Thanks Fiona, I agree that there was probably just too much going on for Jessica but it was lovely to see Sophie so entranced by it all 🙂

  7. Bless them in their little matching coats! V cute! That looks like such a lovely christmasy thing to do, but £10.50 per child to see FC? Are you kidding me, that’s extortion!

    1. Thank you – yes I love those coats too. I might have been tempted to see Santa if it was cheaper but as we’ll get to see him next week at a Christmas party we weren’t missing out.

  8. How fun and magical. A great way to start the Holidays! Visiting from Let Kids Be Kids Linky.

  9. I do love going to Christmas displays. Luckily N does too. Looks like the one you went to had quite a lot there, and great to be able to (in theory) touch the reindeer

    1. There were a lot of different displays and the reindeer were great (I’ve heard they also have donkeys closer to Christmas) 🙂

  10. The displays really are beautiful! The place seems to have a very magical feel, it’s perfect for kids 🙂

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