Me and Mine – April 2017

This year is flying by! I can’t quite believe that April is nearly over and my big girl has started her last term in reception. The end of April has crept up on me and I left it to the last minute to take this month’s Me and Mine photos.


I’m not quite sure why I left it to the last minute though. There’s been no shortage of family moments this month. We’ve enjoyed days out during the Easter holidays, an Easter egg hunt in Grandma’s garden and a weekend away. Plenty of opportunity to take family photos if only I’d thought about doing so at the time!


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie standing by a tree surrounded by bluebells - "Me and Mine - April 2017"


I couldn’t resist the opportunity to seek out some bluebells for this month’s family photo. The girls and I discovered a little nature reserve in our local area that we hadn’t known about before. When we came across it in the Easter holidays, the bluebells were just starting to appear. I knew we had to make a return visit once the bluebells were in bloom.


Me, Sophie, hubby and Jessica standing by a tree in the bluebell wood

It was one of those days of just enjoying family time together. A day of being spontaneous, of just going wherever the mood took us. A leisurely lunch at a local pub followed by a walk around the nature reserve to find the bluebells. We then took a wander around the fairy village that Sophie and I visited last week and finished off the day with ice-creams at a nearby ice-cream parlour.


Me, hubby, Jessica and Sophie sitting around a tree in the fairy village


It was one of those days that I realise again how lucky we are to have these family moments. That same pub that we stopped off for lunch was the one my mother-in-law took me for lunch for six years ago on the day we found out about Jessica’s heart condition. I remember sitting in the garden, feeling shell-shocked. Waiting for the consultant appointment later that day that would confirm the results of the scan.


Here we are, six years on – having travelled quite a journey in the meantime and with more steps on that journey to come. For now though, life is fairly normal. For now, we can just enjoy these little family moments and make the most of them. These are the moments when the ordinary becomes beautiful.


Jessica, Sophie, hubby and me standing by a tree surrounded by bluebells


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14 thoughts on “Me and Mine – April 2017

  1. Aww bless, these are gorgeous photos and I’m glad things are normal for you at the moment, you’re right when you’ve been through tough times, that’s when you appreciate ordinary.

    1. Thank you Nat. This time of year is always one when I am especially thankful and acutely aware of how far we have come as a family since Jessica’s diagnosis x

  2. These are gorgeous photos – the one of you all on the ground by the tree is so lovely! It sounds like you all had a perfect day – I completely agree, so often the ordinary days are the most special as a family. And I can’t get enough bluebells! #meandmine

    1. Thank you Katy. I love all the bluebells at the moment, it’s a shame they don’t last a bit longer! 🙂

  3. Hi Louise, what lovely family photos. A visit to a fairy village sounds perfect for a family day out too. How far your family has come since that day six years ago and I hope you continue to enjoy many more beautifully ordinary family time together.


    1. Thank you Debbie. We’ve certainly come a long way in the last six years. I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy family time together 🙂

  4. Oh Louise, these are just stunning I love the bluebells and gorgeous outdoor adventures that come with them. Lovely to have you all amongst them here this month. Don’t they smell great too? #meandmineproject

    1. Thank you Jenny. The bluebells are lovely, it’s a shame they don’t last a bit longer 🙂

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