Me and Mine – June 2020

Restrictions might have eased off, but we’re still mostly living life in our little bubble and not really venturing out all that much, other than for walks/scooter rides around the park, visits to GreenAcres and essential shopping trips. It was lovely this month to be able to include my mum in our bubble and to have her come and stay for a few days after more than three months of not being able to see her. We’ve been able to see Grandma and Grandad as their lovely big garden has made social distancing relatively easy, but this would have been impossible with Nanny in her much smaller garden, especially with Thomas. Being able to ‘bubble’ together meant he could hug her to his heart’s content – and my goodness, there were a lot of hugs!


Sophie (holding a photo of Jessica), me (holding Jessica's memorial butterfly with her memory box on the table in front of it) and hubby (holding Thomas who is looking at him), out in the garden - "Me and Mine: June 2020"


Hubby has been working from home throughout lockdown, as have I, but he’s started to go into the office when needed now. It’s been a little strange not having him home on those days after getting used to having him home all the time. Sophie is still home-schooling and won’t be returning to school until September now. It’s working well for us and although I know she does miss her friends, she’s happy on the whole being home. Thomas is certainly enjoying her being around all the time.


This month’s Me and Mine photos are from our special morning focusing on remembering Jessica. The school kindly let us take Jessica’s memorial butterfly home for the morning in order to remove the ribbons that were tied on it as we wanted to be able to keep them for Jessica’s memory box. We sat in the garden with the birds singing, and read out the memory written on each ribbon as we took it off and then carefully folded it up to put in the box. It was an emotional morning, but it was a beautiful way to stop and have “Jessica-time”, focusing on our beautiful memories of our beautiful big girl.


Sophie (holding a photo of Jessica), me (holding Jessica's memorial butterfly with her memory box on the table in front of it) and hubby holding Thomas, out in the garden


Yesterday was the nine-year anniversary of the in-utero surgery that gave Jessica a chance of life. The first big step on her heart journey. I’ll always be so very thankful to all the doctors that were involved that day – they, and so many other healthcare professionals, helped give us those six and a half beautiful years that we had with her.

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