#30DaysWild – Making nature fashion accessories

We’ve come to the end of #30DaysWild for another year. Our wild activities have been quite low-key this year due to being mostly restricted to the garden but we have enjoyed doing some nature crafts. Sophie had a fun afternoon making some nature fashion accessories. We used leaves to make a crown and a necklace, made a grass heart wand and finished off with some funky nature masks. They were all really simple to make.


Sophie wearing a leaf crown and a leaf necklace and holding a grass-heart wand - "#30DaysWild - Making nature fashion accessories"


Leaf crown

We covered a strip of cardboard with double-sided tape and then Sophie added leaves. Once she’d finished covering it with leaves, I wrapped it around her head and taped the ends together to make a crown.


Sophie sticking leaves on to a strip of cardboard


Leaf necklace

This is a good activity for practising threading and helping with fine motor skills. We gathered lots of leaves from the garden, folded them in half and used a hole punch to make two holes in each leaf. Sophie then threaded the leaves on to some garden twine to make her leaf necklace. Once she’d finished adding the leaves, we tied the ends together. It looked very effective with the leaf crown – although she did find the leaves a bit tickly around her neck!

Sophie threading leaves on to garden twine


Grass-heart wand

Sophie gathered up some long grass from the garden and we tied a handful of long grass to the top of a stick with some garden twine. We then divided the grass strands in half and bent them in opposite directions to make a heart shape and tied the ends around the stick. This was probably the most fiddly out of all the activities we tried and Sophie needed my help to hold the grass in place and tie it around the stick.


Two wands made from sticks with grass tied at the top in a heart shape


Nature masks

I have very happy memories of making nature masks with both my girls the first year we joined in with #30DaysWild. This time we had some pre-cut cardboard mask shapes which were much better than my attempts at cutting out mask shapes (I can never quite get the eye holes in the right place!) We covered the mask shapes with double-sided tape and added leaves and fallen petals from the garden.


Me and Sophie wearing cardboard masks decorated with leaves and petals


Sophie had fun dressing in all her various nature accessories and pretending to be the Leaf Princess in her leaf crown and necklace. She particularly loved making the masks and posing with Mummy. Next time we make them, maybe we’ll add some nature bracelets or some daisy chains too!


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10 thoughts on “#30DaysWild – Making nature fashion accessories

  1. Just like Sensational Learning with Penguin you’ve put me to shame on nature activities this June. You’ve done some fabulous crafting. We’re struggling for motivation at the moment. I particularly like the nature masks. I’ll expect a post about a fairy masked ball soon! #CountryKids

    1. Our nature activities have mostly been limited to looking closely at things in the garden but Sophie does love a good crafts session so I had to get some nature crafts in for #30DaysWild. I love the idea of a fairy masked ball! 🙂

  2. What lovely ideas! I absolutely love the nature masks, will have to try this with my two! thanks for joining in with #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time x

  3. Brilliant nature fashion accessories! I love how focused Sophie looks while working on these. And the masks look fantastic on you both! x #CountryKids (apologies for late commenting, I totally lost track of the days…)

    1. Thanks Malin, we had lots of fun making them. Easy to lose track of the days at the moment!

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