Friday Focus 03/07/2020 – Poorly in the midst of a pandemic

Thomas has been poorly for the last couple of days with a high fever and generally being very unsettled and unhappy. Since Jessica died, I’m much more anxious when my children are unwell, and especially so at the moment with the coronavirus pandemic.


The word 'poorly' in green


I didn’t think that it was likely to be coronavirus – Thomas’s outdoor activities have been pretty much confined to the garden for the last three months and the only people we’ve had contact with recently have been my in-laws who came and sat in our garden for 45 minutes last weekend. They’ve not been ill and nor have the rest of us, but we decided to get Thomas tested just in case. I’ve done nasal swabs a few times with Jessica during her hospital admissions so that part of the test was fine, but trying to swab the back of Thomas’s throat was tricky! The test came back negative, which wasn’t a surprise. It’s much more likely that he has an ear or throat infection. Hopefully he’ll start perking up again soon, and be back to his usual happy self.



Things that have made me smile this week

  • Harvesting our home-grown salad from the garden.


Sophie holding one of the radishes she picked from the garden


  • Watching Sophie and Thomas having fun joining in the Little Hearts Matter virtual children’s party.


Sophie and Thomas joining in with the Little Hearts Matter virtual children's party


  • Sophie dancing with Thomas in the garden.


Sophie dancing with Thomas in the garden


  • Thomas making himself cosy in the den underneath Sophie’s bed.


  • Doing some crafts to go with this week’s home learning theme – the seaside. Our favourite craft was making an ocean in an egg carton complete with peg dolly mermaids.


SOphie with her ocean in an egg carton


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12 thoughts on “Friday Focus 03/07/2020 – Poorly in the midst of a pandemic

  1. I’m sorry to hear that Thomas has been poorly! Glad that it’s not coronavirus, though. I hope he feels better soon x #wotw

  2. Oh poor Thomas, I hope he’s feeling better soon x I love that egg box ocean with mermaids, how clever and beautiful.

  3. Aww! Poor Thomas. You are bound to worry, especially after Jessica and being in the middle of the pandemic. I am so glad his test came back negative. I hope the little guy feels better soon.
    Well done on growing your own salad. All we have so far is peas. lol
    Those peg mermaids are adorable. Well done x

  4. I can only imagine how scary it is when little ones get ill, especially when they’re small and can’t really explain what’s wrong. I’m sure I’ll be exactly the same with my own! Glad to see you’ve had an otherwise good week, hopefully Thomas is feeling much better soon 🙂 #wotw

    1. Thanks Emma. It is harder when they’re little and can’t tell you what’s wrong. Thankfully he’s much better now.

  5. Sorry to hear Thomas is feeling unwell. Particularly worrying during the pandemic. He’s just that kind of age when they seem to pick up infections like it’s going out of fashion. How lovely that your radishes have grown so well. Yum yum. Sophie and Thomas look like they had fun at the virtual party and dancing. They seem to get on so well. Hope you are having a good weekend. #wotw

    1. Thank you Cheryl. He’s much better now. The radishes were very yummy – I’ve just planted some more so we’ll hopefully get to enjoy those in a few weeks! It is lovely to watch Sophie and Thomas together – they do get along well, just like my girls did.

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