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Milestone moments: swimming, sports day and sleeping in a big girl bed

The last week has seen a couple of milestone moments for my girls; moments of seeing them taking a step forward, growing in confidence or trying something new.  I’ve found before that being on holiday and stepping out of routine can sometimes help give that push to try something new, and this has certainly been true recently.… Read more

The Friday Focus 27/05/16 - Little Hearts, Big Love

The Friday Focus – 27/05/16

I feel like I’ve been juggling an awful lot of balls this week – although thankfully I think I’ve managed to keep them all in the air despite quite a few moments when I wasn’t sure I could do so! It’s been another week of solo parenting combined with a big impending deadline for something I’m responsible for at work and an approaching deadline for a group project on my HR course.  I’ve had to do video conference calls with a small child wanting to wave hello and chat to the interesting-looking people on Mummy’s laptop screen and there have been quite a few stressful moments, not helped by having two nights where Jessica refused to go to sleep until way past 10pm at night.… Read more

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday

Darling Sophie,

How can it be that you are two? It hardly seems possible that it has been two whole years since you came into our lives and yet it seems almost impossible to remember a time when you weren’t here. The clocks have just gone back – something that will always be inextricably linked with your arrival in my mind as I woke just in time to see the clock change, a few moments before I went into labour.… Read more

Strictly Sophie - Little Hearts, Big Love

Strictly Sophie

Strictly Come Dancing will forever be linked with Sophie in my mind. The start of the new series has brought back memories of those last few weeks of being pregnant with Sophie – from 37 weeks onwards, it seemed that every time I settled down on the sofa to watch Strictly on a Saturday night, I’d start getting strong Braxton Hicks that would make me wonder whether I was about to go into labour.… Read more

The preschool Easter concert

Jessica’s first term at preschool is over and what a lovely way to end it by watching my big girl taking part in her preschool’s Easter concert.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had fun last week making an Easter bonnet ready for the concert. We started off with an old straw hat that Grandma had given to Jessica and added some pretty pink ribbon, several Easter chicks, some flowers, sticky foam Easter shapes and some wool to make a nest at the top of the hat.… Read more

Sophie’s first painting

After taking a few tips from Jocelyn at the Reading Residence on painting with toddlers, I decided to cover the table with lining paper, line Sophie’s high chair with a bin bag and have a painting session at the table with both my beautiful girls. Apart from one time of painting Sophie’s hand to get some handprints, this was Sophie’s first time with paper and paints.… Read more

To Jessica on her first day at preschool

To my darling little Jessica

Today was a big day for you – a little step into the world of independence as you went to preschool for the very first time. You looked so very grown-up in your preschool jumper – surely it was only yesterday that you were a teeny tiny baby snuggled up to me and now you’re a big girl and all excited about going to see the other children at preschool.… Read more