Sophie’s first painting

After taking a few tips from Jocelyn at the Reading Residence on painting with toddlers, I decided to cover the table with lining paper, line Sophie’s high chair with a bin bag and have a painting session at the table with both my beautiful girls. Apart from one time of painting Sophie’s hand to get some handprints, this was Sophie’s first time with paper and paints.
Sophie's first painting - Little Hearts, Big Love Jessica always loves painting and started off with a lovely painting of a person which she then proceeded to fill in. She also did a little bit of stamping using some old bottle tops but preferred using the brushes to stamping. Sophie's first painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveSophie's first painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveSophie meanwhile was enjoying playing with the paint and had a few tastes before she could be persuaded that this wasn’t some new foodstuff. Once she got going though, she was very happy getting her hands covered in the paint and smearing it across the paper in front of her. Sophie's first painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveSophie's first painting - Little Hearts, Big LoveI joined in with a bit of finger painting to add a few spots to the paper before we hung the finished picture on the door to dry. I love the fact that there are the three very distinct areas of painting – Jessica’s is at the top, mine is bottom left and Sophie’s is bottom right. Sophie's first painting - Little Hearts, Big Love Mini Creations“OurMama Owl

20 thoughts on “Sophie’s first painting

  1. Ah, lovely pictures. A first painting session is always special. It looks like she had fun and became quite engrossed in it. #MiniCreations

  2. I love the result of her artwork. Enjoy your painting journey with your little one (and the mess!) #MiniCreations

  3. Must have been fun for them! With my toddler, one of the first activities we did was sponge painting too.

  4. Fantastic effort – looks like the results were well worth the effort. Kids just love to paint, don’t they? Whenever we get the paints out at home for our three, there is absolutely no stopping them.

  5. Great pictures, it’s fab to get all the surfaces covered up and just enjoy making a painting with all the messy fun that follows.
    We roll down a big sheet of lining paper down the hall sometimes and chalk/crayon away, all good fun.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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