Papery Peep – January

Jocelyn over at the Reading Residence has inspired me to join in with her #BringBackPaper challenge for 2015. Each month, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been reading, writing and creating in the way of papery goodness plus joining in with the challenge for the month.

Papery Peep (January) - Little Hearts, Big Love


Marriage: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures is the latest book from Amber Dusick who blogs over at Illustrated with Crappy Pictures. It’s a hilarious take on the everyday moments of married life – the different ways that she and her husband approach things, the things they bicker over, the way parenting has changed their marriage – all those little things that make up married life. Most couples I think would be able to relate to quite a few of the things she talks about and the pictures are so funny. It isn’t quite as funny as her first book ‘Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures’ but I still enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to others.

Papery Peep (January) - Little Hearts, Big Love


The girls got so many lovely presents from friends and family at Christmas and so most of this month was spent writing the thank you cards for these. I always send photo cards for thank you cards – it’s a nice way of sending photos of the girls to family members whilst saying thank you at the same time.

The Bring Back Paper challenge for January was to send out at least one piece of ‘Happy Mail’. Back in my uni days, I frequently used to write long letters to my friends although rarely do so these days and so the challenge was a good way to spur me on to do so again. Admittedly I no longer have the time to write quite such long letters as I did back then but it was lovely to take the time to sit down and write a proper letter to an old friend again!



I’ve been having lots of papery fun with the girls this month. We took on board Jocelyn’s advice for painting with toddlers, covered the table with lining paper and Jessica and Sophie both had a wonderful time with the paints. Jessica and I have also had fun making a hat from a paper bowl, paper plate, tissue paper and stickers.

Papery Peep (January) - Little Hearts, Big LovePapery Peep (January) - Little Hearts, Big Love

What papery activities have you been enjoying this month?

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22 thoughts on “Papery Peep – January

  1. So lovely to have you joining in with the challenges. Sounds like you did really well with them, too! Glad you felt spurred to send a little happy mail, and I am loving that hat! x Thanks for sharing with #PaperyPeep

    1. Thank you – Jessica loves the hat too! Lovely to link up to #PaperyPeep, love the challenges 🙂

  2. You’ve had a very productive papery month! The paper hat is super, very pretty x #paperpeeps

    1. My hubby was reading it the other day and he thought it was hilarious too so would definitely recommend it! 🙂

  3. Oh that’s such a good idea! I love to read a book, none of this kindle nonsense. I haven’t had time to read for ages though. And writing letters – I haven’t had a letter in the post since my gran died, what a crying shame that nobody writes letters anymore.x

    1. I love writing letters too – it’s such a nice surprise to get proper letters in the post x

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