The preschool Easter concert

Jessica’s first term at preschool is over and what a lovely way to end it by watching my big girl taking part in her preschool’s Easter concert.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

We had fun last week making an Easter bonnet ready for the concert. We started off with an old straw hat that Grandma had given to Jessica and added some pretty pink ribbon, several Easter chicks, some flowers, sticky foam Easter shapes and some wool to make a nest at the top of the hat. Other than needing my help to stick the ribbon on and fix the chicks on the hat, Jessica did most of it by herself and was very happy with the end result.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

I already had an idea of what songs were going to be sung at the concert – Jessica has been singing them around the house for the last couple of weeks. It was very busy with lots of proud parents there and it took me a little while to spot Jessica until I saw her sitting on her key worker’s lap looking a little overwhelmed by it all.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

Whilst she was happy to join in with the actions, she was a little shy about joining in with the singing. I wasn’t too surprised by this – she often does this at our toddler signing class. She will happily sing away all day long at home but is more reluctant to do so in a group even when it is an environment where she feels more confident. Just seeing her joining in with the actions and taking part in her first preschool concert was still very much a proud mummy moment for me though.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

Sophie enjoyed it all very much and spent a lot of the concert standing up trying to dance along and join in with the actions too! I was amazed at just how confident she was in the preschool environment – after the concert finished, she was off and exploring the room, playing with the toys and hardly seemed bothered whether Mummy was in the room or not! Hopefully this is a good omen for when the time comes for her to start preschool too as she tends to be much more of a Mummy’s girl than I remember Jessica being at that age and if she is unhappy only Mummy will do.

The preschool Easter concert - Little Hearts, Big Love

After the concert, we had tea and cakes and a raffle. I think my favourite part of the morning though was being able to stay with Jessica until the end of the morning session and get a glimpse into what she does each week at preschool. I love watching her using her imagination and playing with the other children and it was wonderful to watch Sophie really enjoying interacting with them too. I had a lovely time sitting down and reading a couple of stories to a few of the children and it was just such a nice way to finish off the morning.

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26 thoughts on “The preschool Easter concert

  1. Firstly gorgeous photos of your daughter and look at her face, pure concentration, bless!

    Singing is one of the bestest and has been one things helped me grower better bond with children. Also, helped with my son’s delayed speech. My son is exactly the same screams the songs out but in class shy but I think he has lack of confidence because he is aware of his difficulties with speech.

    Overall, sounds like a perfect day and I hope your daughter loves preschool when the time arises X

  2. Awww, lovely photos, and I love Jesscia’s Easter bonnet =)
    It’s so lovely isn’t it to go glimpse part of their little separate world, we went to Boo’s Christmas singalong at nursery and it was wonderful. It made me really have to think hard about whether taking Boo out of nursery was the right thing to do as she had such an amazing time there, but I want to send her back to the same nursery when she is a bit older.

    1. Thanks Jenni – it is lovely to get that glimpse into their world. I am sure the decision to take Boo out was a tricky one but how lovely to have that time with her now and I am sure she will love going back later on.

  3. Hurray for joining in with the actions and dancing! I think singing, regardless of age, is something that takes confidence! But she will get there in the end. It looks like she had such a wonderful time! Ray xx @

  4. Awww!! I saw your picture on Instagram, she looks like she is having a ball! She is such a cutie and the bonnet is fab! It’s funny when they start to make friends that you don’t know and do things that you don’t instigate, it’s lovely that her pre school invite you and keep you in the loop! Sounds like a fantastic morning xx

  5. I am so glad she enjoyed it, Joe can be a little shy when in the spotlight too, things like this make such happy memories don’t they ? Lovely hat, very cute xx

  6. Fantastic! How lovely! Love the look of concentration on her face while she is making her Easter bonnet 🙂

  7. Ah look at the lovely bonnet, what lush pictures. I love seeing them in thier little shows, weve just had our bonnet parade today! Thanks for linking up with #Thankfulthursday

    1. Thanks Karen, hope all went well with the bonnet parade and lovely to link up with #ThankfulThursday again 🙂

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