To Sophie on her 2nd birthday

Darling Sophie,

How can it be that you are two? It hardly seems possible that it has been two whole years since you came into our lives and yet it seems almost impossible to remember a time when you weren’t here. The clocks have just gone back – something that will always be inextricably linked with your arrival in my mind as I woke just in time to see the clock change, a few moments before I went into labour. Your arrival into our lives was such a beautiful event – I am so glad that you were born at home and got to meet your big sister at just a few minutes old.

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

This past year in many ways has been easier than your first year thanks to the dark clouds of postnatal depression having lifted. This year has been all about having fun together and making memories; enjoying the little moments and having the joy of seeing you grow from a baby into the happy, outgoing toddler that you are today.

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

I am so amazed by how well you are doing – taking all those little milestones in your stride. You had your two-year check last week and ticked off nearly everything on the list of things that the health visitor was looking for. The only thing that you can’t yet do is jump but as Jessica wasn’t able to do this until she was well past her third birthday, I’m not too concerned! You’re quite good at bouncing but being able to lift both feet off the ground is quite tricky!

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

You are such a chatty little girl – your speech is so good and I love the way you call your big sister “Jess-sha”. The two of you are so close and it is such a joy to see you running about hand-in-hand when we are out and about, or chasing each other up and down the hallway at home, whilst both laughing. I love the way you will often just give each other a cuddle and how gentle you can be with each other. Of course you have your moments when you wind each other up and bicker but that is to be expected!

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

We have had a year full of adventures – going on various hunts to find Paddington Bears, Shaun the Sheep and the last of the gold postboxes. You enjoyed our holiday on the Isle of Man and going on a ride on a steam train and horse-drawn tram, and building sandcastles on the beach. You love having days out at Legoland – the Duplo train ride is your favourite and you love to wave to people as you go round the track. You also love the Lego Friends show and dancing along to the music.

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

I think I may have a little dancer on my hands. As soon as you hear music, it seems you can’t help but dance along. You especially like dancing along to the theme tunes of CBeebies shows and have a difference dance for each one. You loved getting to watch Strictly one evening when you were resisting bedtime and trying to copy some of the moves – the memory of your tango face still makes me smile.

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

You love your food and are quite adventurous about trying new things. Some of the things that you enjoy eating have surprised me – for instance, you love Stilton and will happily eat olives. You were still breastfeeding up to a couple of weeks ago when you just decided that you were ready to stop, told Mummy “no booby!” and that was that. You are quite a determined little lady and certainly know what you do and don’t want!

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

Darling Sophie, you are such a little ray of sunshine with your cheeky grin and your loving personality. You are full of smiles and giggles, love giving kisses and cuddles and to hear you say “luz you, Mummy” brightens up my world. I love listening to your squeals of delight when you discover something new, or see something that you love and your laughter is so infectious. Watching you and your big sister playing so happily together fills me with joy.   I am so very blessed to be your Mummy and hope your birthday is full of all the sunshine that you bring to my life.

To Sophie on her 2nd birthday - Little Hearts, Big Love

Love you millions and billions

Mummy xxxxx





19 thoughts on “To Sophie on her 2nd birthday

  1. How so very precious … what a journey down memory lane and a really beautiful journey at that. So many milestones, so much achieved, such joy inspired. Well, you sure have one confident girl on your hand, who isn’t afraid to state what she wants. May she continue to grow in ways that bring you all lots and lots of delight. #TwinklyTuesday

  2. A lovely post reflecting on your little girls first two years.
    And such beautiful photos.
    Happy 2nd birthday Sophie, I hope you are having a lovely day xxxx

  3. Happy birthday little Sophie! She really is a little treasure. You have so many lovely memories already and what a lovely post 🙂 You always get the best piccys. I bet Sophie will be ready for Santa this year, all grown up xx #twinkytuesday

    1. Thanks Sarah – it is lovely to see how much more aware she is of birthdays now she is a little older and she had such a lovely day 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Sophie 🙂 You always seem like a ray of sunshine in your photos x What a beautiful happy child 🙂 Enjoy the day sweetie x #TwinklyTuesday x

  5. What a gorgeous post and lovely video. You are such a wonderful little family and no matter who you are writing about, all I ever see shining through your words is complete and utter adoration, Just gorgeous. Happy birthday Sophie. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Lisa – I’m glad that my love for my family shines through my posts – they are my world. Lovely to link up as always and thank you for hosting 🙂

  6. What a lovely post and a beautiful letter to Sophie. I love how confident and self-assured she is and your love for her absolutely shines through this post. I hope she had a lovely birthday.

    1. Thank you Sarah – she is a wonderful little girl (but I am very biased!). Lovely to link up to Loud ‘n’ Proud – thank you for hosting 🙂

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