Siblings – May 2021

We were watching videos of Jessica the other day. Both Thomas and Sophie loved watching them. It made me so happy seeing Thomas pointing at the screen and saying “Jessica!” He might never have met his biggest sister, but he recognises her and he gets to see little clips of her which capture her beautiful personality.


Videos and photos are such precious things. One of the great things about having blogged for a large part of Jessica’s life is that there are so many little moments captured that we probably wouldn’t have captured otherwise. I’m so grateful that I have those memories of days out and little things that Jessica (and Sophie) said as toddlers and preschoolers to share with Thomas.


Of course, I’m still capturing those memories through this blog, and the little moments of life with Sophie and Thomas. It’s lovely to see them doing things together a little more as Thomas gets bigger. Sophie likes to be a mini mummy at times, looking after him – and occasionally telling him off! They do adore each other and I’m so glad that they have a similar beautiful bond to the one that Sophie and Jessica had.


Sophie and Thomas sitting together with Sophie holding a picture of Jessica - "Siblings - May 2021"



Thomas (2 years 9 months)

  • Is enjoying being able to go to Tiny Talk classes again. It’s lovely to see him joining in with the class and starting to interact more with other children.
  • Likes to sing to himself at bedtime and usually goes through the whole repertoire of ‘In the Night Garden’ character songs as well as singing along to his musical seahorse toy.
  • Loves snuggles and tickles first thing in the morning and will often stop during the day to come and demand a hug and kiss.
  • Is a bit of a pickle for climbing on his sling bookcase to turn the living room lights on and off. We’ve now moved the bookcase!
  • Enjoyed going on fairground rides for the first time over the bank holiday weekend.
  • Had his first proper haircut in well over a year. He enjoyed sitting in the car at the barbers and was very good having his hair cut.


Sophie and Thomas sitting together with Sophie holding a picture of Jessica



Sophie (7 years 6 months)

  • Has got a place at our first choice for junior school.
  • Is enjoying being back at dance classes and starting competition classes. She’s now doing five dance classes a week and is loving them.
  • Is going through a lovely helpful phase and likes to help look after Thomas and make breakfast for both of them in the mornings.
  • Swam across the width of her class area for the first time without a float and has been moved up a level in swimming.
  • Got her pen licence at school – one of only five in her year to have achieved this so far.
  • Was very excited to meet her baby cousin for the first time and absolutely adored him.


Sophie and Thomas sitting together with Sophie holding a picture of Jessica


Jessica (forever 6 years 7 months)

  • It was ten years on 4th May since we first found out about Jessica’s heart and ten years on 13th May since the appointment when we were told that she was unlikely to survive to birth. Forever thankful for the six and a half years we did have with her.
  • I had a lovely chat with one of the other dance mums after dropping Sophie off at her dance classes. The other mum’s daughter was in Jessica’s ballet class and still talks about her. It means so much to know that Jessica is still remembered and talked about.

10 thoughts on “Siblings – May 2021

  1. siblings are really a gift from God even when they are arguing with you over some childhood pettiness – you have really c;ute kiddos #MMBC

  2. Aww! That is so lovely that Thomas knows his big sister so well despite never meeting her. It is of course heartbreaking too.
    It sounds like Sophie and Thomas get on so well, he’s growing up fast and it’s lovely how Sophie helps out so much. x

    1. Thanks Kim. It means a lot that Thomas knows who Jessica is at least and it is lovely to see the bond that he and Sophie have with each other x

  3. It’s so cute that Thomas recognizes Jessica despite never having met her when she was still alive, although it is also bittersweet of course. I love how Sophie is acting mini Mommy. #MMBC

    1. She is still a little mother hen with him. I do love that Thomas recognises Jessica at least and knows who she is.

  4. So funny that Sophie is like a little mommy to her brother! I never had daughters, but I know my sons fought like crazy when they were younger. Now that they are grown, they are the best of friends. It is sweet that Thomas can recognize his big sister that he never met.

    1. We have moments when they fight too but on the whole they are lovely together and Sophie is so good at helping look out for Thomas.

    1. Thank you Sam. It’s so important to us to keep talking about Jessica and help keep those memories alive.

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